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Собственные сочинённые книги
Olia написала в 01:35, 06.07.2011 #21
Quote (Hisana_Runryuu)
Размещение. Сразу вызывает улыбку и начинаешь к фанфу относится не серьезно, как к флаффу.

Да я по жизни человек юмористический, не могу серьёзной быть!))
Quote (Hisana_Runryuu)
драма или ангст, капля экшена, дедфик.

Блин, называется, писала что первое в голову приходит а потом корректировала, чтоб было как-то понятнее, и вышло в стольких жанрах...)
Niente è true, permettono tutto.
Hisana_Runryuu написала в 01:36, 06.07.2011 #22
Походу, ничего тебе не надо... Шучу, конечно, хоть могу и дошутиться :)
З.Ы. Плакать я не собиралась, а ответ написала
Безумства нужно совершать - но крайне осторожно.
Когда страх стучится в дверь, истина вылетает в форточку (с) из Alice Madness Returns
Olia написала в 01:38, 06.07.2011 #23
Не, со мной не дошутишься))
З.Ы. Повторю свой ответ: "Слава тебе Хосподи)))"
Niente è true, permettono tutto.
Hisana_Runryuu написала в 01:38, 06.07.2011 #24
Ну, это еще ничего, во многих фанфах по нескольку жанров, так что это еще мало)
Безумства нужно совершать - но крайне осторожно.
Когда страх стучится в дверь, истина вылетает в форточку (с) из Alice Madness Returns
Olia написала в 01:39, 06.07.2011 #25
:o Ничего себе :o Я в шоке :o Мягко говоря))
Niente è true, permettono tutto.
Hisana_Runryuu написала в 01:53, 06.07.2011 #26
*тихо ржет* ничего, побудешь немного в шоке и привыкнешь. Если, конечно, писать не перестанешь.
Извиняюсь за флуд (ибо у меня такое чувство, что сейчас сюда придет Серебрянка или еще кто-нибудь и поймает нас за руку)
Безумства нужно совершать - но крайне осторожно.
Когда страх стучится в дверь, истина вылетает в форточку (с) из Alice Madness Returns
Olia написала в 01:59, 06.07.2011 #27
Ты чего!!! Я?! Перестать писать?!!! Да ни за что!!! :D Я без своей бредятины жить не могу!!!
У меня тож такое чувство, переместились в личку, уровень разыскиваемости за флуд повышать не надо, пожааалуйста))
Niente è true, permettono tutto.
ilmentore написал в 15:18, 09.07.2011 #28
Я чисто для себя этот бред придумывал, он на английском, не закончен, т.к. некогда

Escape from island

I awakened from chill in an unknown place.
-Where Am I?
After one hour.
-Who Am I?
I have found the passport in my coat, in it was a name. Probably mine. I read a name – Jack Clank.
-OK. But where am I?
I have solved to stroll on vicinity. And meet a man. He was taller than me on one head. He was in a bulletproof jacket. I asked him:
-What place is this?
In answer he started laughing. And then seriously said:
-This is a bad place, buddy. Someone thinks that this island is cursed by curse of not returning.
But I don’t believe in it. Curses. The Curse - a delirium. On this island grows trees empty inside. We can’t build even a raft. We are just dreaming about a big boat for many people.
And then he became sad. And started sleeping.
-It’s great! – I said in a full voice.
But men didn’t stop sleeping.
-And this island. Pretty well! I don’t understand this, but I want to sleeeeep.

Добавлено (09.07.2011, 15:03)
And I began to sleep. I awoke from pulling my shoulder at. When I opened eyes, I saw a face of that man.
-Wake up, buddy. Wake up.
I sat up and asked him:
-What is your name?
-Rick. For friends Bear.
-OK. Bear, Bear where is your smile. Hah.
-Yes, yes. All people, who meet me, say so. This is really funny.
-Jack Clank. For friends Jack.
-OK Jack. What do you want to do?
-I don’t know. What can you advise me to do?
-Meet my friend Moose on other side of the island. He can build a hat for you here.
-OK. Goodbye. Bear.
And I went on other side of island. When I went into a bamboo forest, I saw a black flash.
-What was that?
From the dark of stalks someone jumped over me. Then I took a big wooden stick and was ready to fight.
But someone, who jumped on me disappeared.
-Interesting. – I thought.
-Strange awakening, strange man, strange creature, strange island. Everything is strange here.
With this thought I came to Moose. When I saw his hat, I smiled.
-At last, Moose.
I entered his hat.
No answer.
No answer.
-Intresting. Where is he?
In this moment I found a note. It was written:
-If you are Jack Clank, wait for me here. I’ll be back soon.
After two hours someone entered the hat.
-Moose. Is this you?
But someone deafened me at this moment. And I fell in the darkness…

Добавлено (09.07.2011, 15:03)
-We lost him! We lost him!
-Two bullets crashed out the leg. This is a mystery that he is still alive. He can die in any moment. Quickly!
Then I fell deeper.

-Go here with raised hands!
I left my apartments and went to the street to cops.
-Shoot him! He mustn’t live!

-Why did you kill your wife Jack? Why?
-Just confess it. And maybe you will be free.
I stood up and went to the second table. From table I took my Beretta.
-Shave it Jack. Don’t do it. You will do the worst.

I left my car. The rain was still pouring. I listened the information on walkie-talkie.
-Five hostages inside. Three civilians, two policemen.

In this moment I returned to reality.
-Ahhh… What was that? Who are you?
-You Jack Clank, Right?
-Sorry. My name is Moose.
-Hello Moose.
-Do you want some tea?
-If you have, coffee please.
He went to the kitchen to make coffee. After five minutes, he came back.
-Take it.
-Why have you come to me?
-I’m from Bear. He said that you could build a hat for me.
-OK. Maybe here?
-Build your hat.
-OK. I agree.
-This is good. Go to sleep.
-Now. I will build your hat, now.
-Yes. Where I must sleep?
-Here. – And he showed me his bed.

Добавлено (09.07.2011, 15:17)
After one day.
-It’s your hat. Come in.
I come in.
The hat was big.
-Here is the bedroom. Here is the kitchen. Here is the “hall”.
-Why “hall”?
-Because halls are often big, but not this one.
-Thank you Moose.
-It’s nothing for me.
On the next day. I woke up in a good mood. Then I went to Moose and asked him:
-Hello. Can you make me a knife?
-Knife. No problem. Come to me next day.
I came to him the next day.
-Hi! How is my knife?
-Aaa? It’s you. It’s already… Done. Here it is. Why do you need it?
-Don’t try to understand. Just believe me.
I left Moose’s hat and went to mine. Next day when I woke up, I saw a black flash.
-Not now!
I took my knife and was ready.
-Where are you? Jump! It’s me who is scared! Not you!
But nobody jumped.
At this moment I wanted to find a way from this island. I went to forest first. I thought that I would meet someone. After an hour, I saw somebody.
-At last. Hey man!
He turned to me and I saw him. It was not a man. And even a woman. It was some creature.
-How disgusting.
It was with black chitin skin and very ugly face. It began to go to me.
-No no no no no! Good to have a knife.
I hit it. It fell down on my legs.
I kicked it. When it fell I saw something metal.
-What is this? What?
It was a muffler.
-Weapon on this island. I must find something for this.
Somewhere after one kilometer.
-I am tired. I must sit for some time.
When I sat down, I saw a mountain.
-Whatta? I didn’t see this mountain Before.
I went to the mountain. I hoped to find something interesting. When I came close to the mountain, I saw a door in it.
-Door inside of a mountain! That is funny!
I came inside. I saw a big place and I found a pistol to muffler. And ammo to it, too.
-OK. Now I have more defense.
I saw one more door.
-Let’s come in. – I thought.
When I came inside, I saw the man. I quietly went to him and I leaned my knife to his throat.
-Be quiet. Come with me.
He walked with me in weaponry.
-OK. Now tell me. What is this bunker?
-You may kill me, I won’t say that.
-Do you want to die? OK. Take this.
I was going to shoot him, but in this moment, he said:
-Don’t kill me! I’m kidding! I tell you everything.
-Good boy.
-This project bunker of project “Flying knife”. The master idea of project: try to raise in the air the whole island. I didn’t know any other info.
-Raise in the air the whole island? This is delirium. You must be lying to me.
-No! I tell you the truth. Please don’t kill me.
-No. We don’t need witnesses.
I cut his throat. I was surprised, because blood don’t fountain from his throat.
-This is really strange place with strange people.
I go out from mountain. Sky was in night. I come inside. I saw bed and fall on it. My sleep time is began.

Добавлено (09.07.2011, 15:18)

-Jack! My dearest friend.
I hear voice. This is was voice of my Russian friend. He buy old restaurant and transform it into good prestige place for a rich people.
-Long time no see. Jack.
-Hello Alexander.
This was Alexander Ferran. I think every time: strange second name for russian.
-How your gun store? Still don’t closed?
-I have a good cover for this. It’s you my personal policeman.

I’m wake up from strange noise.
-What is this?
I saw something shiny come to me.
-I have a bad feeling about this.
I close my eyes. Then open. Shiny thing disappear.
-Oh. Maybe hallucination.
I’m stand up. I start think about my dream.
-Interesting… He still alive… This no time to questioning.
I continue my exploring of mountain. With naked gun. In this room I kill those guy. He was there, ALIVE.
-Hey you, get him!
He saw me. The voice from speakers repeat:
-Intruder on base. Intruder on base.
I run out from mountain to Moose. I come in his hat and saw a Bear with him. They drinking coffee.
-Hey Jack! Where you was man?
-This is not interesting for you. And don’t ask me. In any case I don’t tell you about it.
-If you want…
This is good that they don’t know about my adventure. This is for special man. Like me. I look in window. Guards of those mountain base ran here. I come to them. Then from one of the trees jump those creature, that I meet in stalks. He don’t look at me. He looks on guards. When they was close he jump on it. He cut and throw them in forest to the mountain. There was no guards. Then I hear in my mind:
-You my master. Now I’m your pet.
-OK. If you want so. Can you speak with me telepathy?
(In my mind) –Yes I can.
-OK. Come with me.
We go to the mountain. When we saw it, I ask:
-What do you know about this mountain?
-In this mountain base. I don’t know more.
-OK. Let’s come in.
We come inside. I was surprised. In room was no bed that I sleep on. And was no guns on crates. Was no crates.
-Strange this is, - I said.
We come in next room. There was guns and crates without guards, but with cameras.
-Oh. This is bad.
-Destroy them.
I shoot out all five cameras.
-OK. Let’s take some guns.
I take UZI, MP5 and second Beretta with muffler on it.
-Now we can destroy this base.
-Yes my friend. You are right.

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Muaddib написал в 15:20, 09.07.2011 #29
ilmentore, через гугл пропустил?
ilmentore написал в 15:24, 09.07.2011 #30
Quote (Muaddib)
через гугл пропустил?

Нет, просто я очень хорошо знаю английский, этот текст изначально был на английском
P.S. Я не пользовался гуглом, НИКОГДА!
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