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Разговоры 2012
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Assassin's Creed

While being held captive at Abstergo Industries, Desmond secretly had multiple conversations with Lucy Stillman, Dr. Vidic's assistant. Before each Animus session, he would also have conversations with Vidic, who would discuss certain details of Abstergo's goals.

First timeEdit

Lucy: We've got a problem. I can't anchor him to the memory. Too much psychological trauma. He's rejecting the treatment. Retreating.
Vidic: Desmond, I need you to try and relax.
Lucy: Let me try and stabilize it...
Vidic: Focus. Listen to the sound of my voice. Recognize that what you're seeing isn't real. Just a picture of the past. It can't hurt you.
Lucy: Dammit! It's not working.
Vidic: Give it a moment, Ms. Stillman. He'll adjust. The first time is never easy.
Lucy: We're losing him!
Vidic: That's enough, Ms. Stillman!
Lucy: We need to pull him out. Now.
Vidic: Alright, Desmond. We're going to try and bring you out now.
Lucy: You ok?
Vidic: I told you he'd be fine.

Desmond gasps and inhales in deeply.

Desmond: Bastards!
Vidic: Now, now, I just saved your life.
Desmond: Saved my life?! You kidnapped me! You strapped me into that... thing!
Vidic: Animus. It's an Animus.
Desmond: I don't even know you people! Why are you doing this to me?
Vidic: You have information we need, Mr. Miles.
Desmond: Information?! I'm a bartender, for Christ's sakes! What do want me to do, teach you how to mix a Martini?!
Vidic: We know who you are. What you are.
Desmond: I don't know what you're talking about.
Vidic: Don't play coy with me, there isn't time. You're an Assassin; and whether you realize it or not, you've got something that my employers want, locked away in that head of yours.
Desmond: But I'm not an Assassin! Not anymore!
Vidic: Yes, your file indicated as much. Something about an escape. Most fortunate for us.
Desmond: What do you want from me?!
Vidic: For you to do as you're told. The Animus will allow us to locate what we need. Once we have it, you'll be free to go.
Desmond: I am not going back in there!
Vidic: Then we'll induce a coma, and continue our work. When we're done, you'll be left to die. Truth be told, the only reason you're still conscious is because this approach saves us time.
Desmond: You're insane!
Vidic: So what is it, Mr. Miles? Live or die?
Lie down!


Vidic: A wise decision.
Desmond: Whoa. Where am I?
Vidic: You're inside the Animus.
Desmond: Which is..?
Vidic: It's a projector that renders genetic memories in three dimensions.
Desmond: Genetic memory?
Vidic: Seems you'll need a bit of a tutorial. Very well, we'll start simple. What is a memory, Mr. Miles?
Desmond: It's the... recollection of a past event.
Vidic: Specific to the individual remembering the event.
Desmond: Yeah, sure.

Vidic chuckles wryly.

Vidic: What if I told you that the human body not only housed an individual's memory, but the memories of his ancestors as well? Genetic memory, if you will. Migration, hibernation, reproduction. How do animals know when and where to go? What to do?
Desmond: That's just animal instinct.
Vidic: Now you're arguing semantics, Mr. Miles. Whatever you call it, the fact remains. These creatures hold knowledge, absent the requisite first-hand experience. I've spent the past thirty years trying to understand why. I've discovered something most fascinating. Our DNA functions as an archive. It contains not only genetic instructions passed down from previous generations, but memories as well. The memories of our ancestors.
Desmond: And the Animus lets you decode and read these DNA files.
Vidic: Precisely.
Lucy: But there's a problem. This is the specific memory we're trying to access. Unfortunately, when we try and open the memory, your mind withdraws. You lack the confidence to step into your ancestor's body. That’s what happened earlier. You got knocked out of the target memory and pushed back to a more stable state.
Desmond: Why?
Lucy: It's your subconscious. It's resisting. We found similar reactions among patients who undergo hypnosis to relive traumatic events. They can't jump directly into the specific memory. They need to be eased in. Even then, there can be problems.
Desmond: So how do we fix it?
Lucy: We find a memory you can synchronize with and move forward from there. You'll get used to it. This is the closest we can get, so, it's where we'll have to start. I'm uploading the tutorial program now.


Vidic: He's experiencing a far better adoption rate than the other subjects.
Lucy: I'm still pulling him out. He's been in there way too long.
Vidic: No, not yet! We're still so far from where we need to be.
Lucy: We shouldn't risk it.
Vidic: What's another hour or two?!
Lucy: Why don't we discuss this in the conference room? Give Desmond a minute to stretch his legs.
Vidic: I really don't see the need-

Lucy cuts Vidic off.

Lucy: Warren, please.
Vidic: Fine!

Desmond eavesdrops through the ventilation system.

Vidic: I don't appreciate you questioning my authority in front of the prisoner. There’s a word for that. I believe it's called insubordination.
Lucy: And I don’t appreciate you trying to kill him. There’s a word for that too. I believe it’s called stupid.
Vidic: Lucy! This isn't my decision. I don't set the deadlines, but I'm smart enough not to challenge them! Do you want to wind up like Leila?
Lucy: I know the accident has everyone on edge.
Vidic: Which is why we don't have time to coddle him!
Lucy: If you push him too hard, he'll shut down. And then, we'll have nothing!
Vidic: We have nothing now!
Lucy: But we will. You just need to have a little faith.
Vidic: Fine. But I want you thinking of ways to improve his staying power. We can't afford to stop every time the man breaks a sweat! It's bad enough that we have to traipse through these useless memories!
Lucy: I'll do what I can.

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The FarmEdit

Lucy: So, you're really an Assassin? Like Altaïr?
Desmond: Yes and no.
Lucy: What do you mean?
Desmond: I was supposed to be one. But I ran away from "The Farm" when I was 16.
Lucy: Farm?
Desmond: Yeah, that's what they called the place where I grew up. "The Farm." Like Masyaf, I guess, only not so, uh... creepy. Just a small desert community out in the middle of nowhere. About 30 of us living, you know, off the grid.
Lucy: Why?
Desmond: I thought my parents were a bunch of crazy hippies trying to stick it to the man, you know. My dad was always going on about our enemies, how they'd be looking for us, how we have to be prepared. But... no one ever came. Nothing ever happened.
Lucy: Why did you run away?
Desmond: I could never leave the compound. Do you have any idea what it's like being stuck in a place, knowing there's a whole world out there you'll never get to see?
Lucy: Don't you miss your parents?
Desmond: No. As far as I'm concerned, they were never my parents. They were my wardens and I was their prisoner.
Lucy: It sounds like they only wanted to protect you.
Desmond: With all that's happened... I don't know. Seems like they were right.
Lucy: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dredge up the past.
Desmond: It's all right. Gives me something to think about.
Lucy: Try and get some sleep. We've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow.


Desmond: Got a question before I turn in.
Lucy: Sure.
Desmond: How did they find me? I mean, I haven't been near another Assassin in ten years.
Lucy: Use your real name?
Desmond: Never. Not before today.
Lucy: Credit cards?
Desmond: Cash only.
Lucy: Telephone number?

Desmond chuckles.

Desmond: There's no one to call.
Lucy: Driver's license?
Desmond: Motorcycle. Guilty pleasure.
Lucy: There's your answer. Photo, fingerprint.
Desmond: This is a drug company! What's Abstergo got to do with the DMV?!
Lucy: Desmond, these guys are everywhere. They... I... I'm sorry. I really can't talk about it.

The right ideaEdit

Desmond groans.

Desmond: Gotta say that's a little creepy, Doc. Waking up to you standing over me. You been watching me sleep?
Vidic: We're always watching you. Now get up. We've got a lot of work to do.

Desmond responds sarcastically.

Desmond: Ooh, wonder who I get to kill today.

Vidic replies back in a terse manner.

Vidic: Don't be so cavalier! Your ancestors almost had the right idea, Mr. Miles. If the deaths of a few people -- evil people, no less -- could save the lives of thousands more, well... it seems a small sacrifice.
Desmond: What do you mean, "almost"?
Vidic: They didn't go far enough! To use a rather tired analogy, corruption is no different than cancer. Cut out the tumors, but fail to treat the source and... well, you're buying time at best. There's no true change to be had without comprehensive, systemic intervention.
Desmond: Chemo for the masses.
Vidic: Education. Re-education to be more precise. But it's not easy, and it doesn't always take.
Desmond: Let me guess, you've got a better solution. What is it then?

Vidic chuckles.

Vidic: Now, that would be telling.


Desmond: So, care to tell me who shoved the stick up his ass?
Lucy: We have a deadline. One week... well, six days now.
Desmond: Deadline?
Lucy: I can't talk about it.
Desmond: Man, put yourself in my shoes. I'm being held hostage by a group of scientists—at least I think you're scientists—and forced to spend all day in some crazy-ass machine. You won't tell me what you're looking for or why you want it, but I'm supposed to be thanking you for keeping me alive. This is so fucked!

Lucy looks up at Desmond.

Desmond: Sorry, but it is.
Lucy: What do you want me to do?
Desmond: Hmm, let's see... I don't know... maybe give me some answers?!
Lucy: I can't! And it's better this way. Safer.
Desmond: Safer for who?
Lucy: Both of us.


Desmond: Hey, you know what? I think I have a question you can actually answer.
Lucy: What's up?
Desmond: Why is it that sometimes the guys in there talk like they're from the future?
Lucy: The future?
Desmond: I mean the present. Now, today, whatever.
Lucy: You've probably noticed that English has become the official language of the Holy Land.
Desmond: Yeah, I was going to say...
Lucy: The Animus is translating speech it deems vital into more modern English. So expect a few anachronisms. I could probably make it more authentic, but... you ever read Chaucer?
Desmond: Who?
Lucy: Yeah, definitely not for you.


Desmond: Can you tell me more about Abstergo? Or what goes on here, beyond the whole keeping me prisoner thing?
Lucy: Abstergo is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Their primary focus is anti-depressants. There's some information on the computer over there.
Desmond: But you already said this wasn't about testing a drug. So, what's the deal?
Lucy: I don't like where this is going.
Desmond: So it's safe to assume the Animus isn't a part of their public face.
Lucy: What, you haven't seen the commercials?
Desmond: Oh my God. She has a sense of humor.
Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond. I've got a lot of work to do. Like I said, if you want to know more about the company, take a look at the computer. The telecommunication stuff is particularly interesting.


Vidic: Let's go, Mr. Miles! Time's wasting!
Desmond: Where's Lucy?
Vidic: Oh, don't worry, she'll be with us soon enough.
Desmond: So why are you doing this, Doc? What're you hoping to accomplish?
Vidic: You turn the television on lately? Read the newspaper?
Desmond: Never cared much for that stuff.
Vidic: Then let me sum it up for you: The world's a mess! It's pathetic, really. You've seen it firsthand yourself. A thousand years between you and your ancestor and society remains just as barbaric, just as stupid.
Desmond: And your point is...
Vidic: Order, Mr. Miles. The world needs order. That is what we are working towards, and that is what you are helping us to achieve.

Desmond laughs.

Desmond: You expect me to believe you're building a better tomorrow?!
Vidic: That's exactly what we're doing! The human race calls out for direction. They want to know why they're here, what they're meant to do. Well... we're going to tell them. And once they understand how to live their lives, everything will be better.
Desmond: Better how?
Vidic: An end to all conflicts, large and small. Isn't that what you Assassins strive for? "Peace in all things?"

Desmond replies harshly.

Desmond: I told you, I'm not an Assassin.
Vidic: Right, right.
Desmond: I still don't know where I fit into this.
Vidic: In time, Mr. Miles. In time, you'll understand... or you won't! I don't care either way, just as long as you show us where it is.
Desmond: Where what is?!
Lucy: Sorry I'm late. Ready to go?
Vidic: Yes, we are.

Tensions overheatingEdit

Vidic: God damn it! What's the problem now?
Lucy: I'm getting weird temperature readings. I think the Animus is overheating.
Vidic: Christ! It's always something! How long?
Lucy: Too soon to tell.
Vidic: These delays are unacceptable, Ms. Stillman! I demand progress reports every hour!
Lucy: It's gonna be a while, Desmond. Why don't you go lie down or something? Get some rest.

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Desmond: Why is he always yelling at you? It's his machine.
Lucy: His theories. He's not the one who built it.
Desmond: Who did? You?
Lucy: No, Abstergo has a team of engineers. Not much they don't have. But I did oversee the assembly. Guess that's why he gets so angry with me.
Desmond: He's a dick.
Lucy: He's under a lot of pressure. We all are.
Desmond: I can't believe you’re defending the guy.
Lucy: Warren saved my life. So, if he wants to yell a little, let him.
Desmond: What do you mean he saved your life?
Lucy: You're not the only one who doesn't get to go home at night.
Desmond: Wait, are you saying you're a prisoner?

Lucy walks over to the Animus.

Lucy: When they first approached me I was finishing up my Ph.D. The university made it clear I had no future there. They didn't like the subject of my doctorate... called it pseudo-science. Said keeping me on would discredit and embarrass them. It was the same everywhere. Other universities... companies I interviewed with... pretty soon I was out of money and out of time.

Lucy pinches her fingers together.

Lucy: I was this close to waiting tables. Then, I got a letter.
Desmond: From Vidic?
Lucy: He said he'd been following my career since undergrad. That he believed in my work and wanted to meet to discuss my future. You have no idea how good it felt to hear that. So I met with him. What did I have to lose?
Desmond: And he offered you a job.
Lucy: Yes. Here at Abstergo. Helping out on the Animus project. I'd have a chance to test my theories and prove the professors wrong. How could I turn that down?
Desmond: Think I'm missing the part where you became a prisoner.
Lucy: Sometimes I wonder if they weren't behind it all. If they manipulated events so I'd get desperate. They can do that. They can do anything. I didn't think when I agreed to come here... they even told me I'd be trapped. For 6 months, a year max. Once the product launched, there'd be no need for secrecy anymore. But, until then, I'd be a "guest of the company". At least... that's what they said.
Desmond: And when the Animus was ready?
Lucy: They came in while I was sleeping. Three guys... guns...

Lucy gets up and walks over to the nearby windows.

Lucy: They dragged me out of bed... God... the worst part is I knew them. One guy, Richard, we ate lunch together sometimes. And now he was gonna... They were cracking jokes... I tried to pull away... he hit me... and that's when he told me I was going to die.
Desmond: Christ! What did you do?
Lucy: Nothing. I kept telling myself it wasn't real. And then Warren was there, shouting at them to get away from me. And they listened.
Desmond: Jesus...
Lucy: He's not a happy man, Desmond. I wouldn't even say he's a good man, but he saved my life. They never came for me again. And he promised they never would.
Desmond: But you're still stuck here working for these nutjobs.
Lucy: But I'm alive. Anyway, I really do need to get the Animus repaired. I'll see you tomorrow, Desmond.

Abstergo's workEdit

Vidic: Rise and shine! We've got quite a day ahead of us!
Desmond: You're in a good mood this morning.
Vidic: Ms. Stillman has made some modifications to the Animus. You should be able to remain inside even longer now.
Desmond: And help you with your treasure hunt.
Vidic: This is serious business, Mr. Miles. I don't think you fully appreciate the work that Abstergo does.
Desmond: Maybe because I don't actually know what you people do.
Vidic: We change the world. Every day in a hundred different ways. Did you know that nearly every single breakthrough of the past millennia, be it medical, mechanical, or philosophical, has come from Abstergo or its predecessors?
Desmond: That's a bold claim, Doc. Think you might be exaggerating a bit?
Vidic: Not in the slightest. Oh, we certainly don't take the credit. That would arouse far too much suspicion. We choose our beneficiaries with great care.
Desmond: Why?
Vidic: Isn't it obvious? It means we're in control.
Desmond: But how? What makes you guys so special, so smart? That you happen to invent all these things while us mere mortals stumble around like idiots?
Vidic: To be fair, we don't invent them. We find them.
Desmond: Find them?
Vidic: They're gifts, Mr. Miles, from those who came before. We'll have to continue this discussion later. Time's wasting.


Desmond: We're done already?
Vidic: Get up.
Desmond: Whatever you say, Doc.

Vidic's phone rings and he answers it, starting a conversation.

Vidic: I'm ending the session... I'll be right there. You're sure about this?... Yes. No. Everything's Denver... I don't see how he could... Of course... I understand.

Vidic hangs up, and then addresses Desmond.

Vidic: You're in a lot of trouble, Mr. Miles.

Vidic walks out of the laboratory.

Desmond: What's his problem?
Lucy: They're coming for you.
Desmond: Who's coming for me?
Lucy: Assassins.
Desmond: Hey, I've got nothing to do with this!
Lucy: Sounds like they're mounting some kind of rescue attempt. Guess you're more important than you realized.
Desmond: Man, things just keep getting weirder and weirder around here.
Lucy: It was bound to happen.
Desmond: What do you mean?
Lucy: That little fight your ancestor started during the Third Crusade? It never ended. You’re being held by Templars.
Desmond: Vidic's a Templar?
Lucy: There's no way you could've known, they hide it so well. But to answer your question, Vidic works for them. We all do. Abstergo is their company.
Desmond: I thought Templars were old dudes with funny hats who sat around drinking beer, plotting world domination with like the... lizard people.
Lucy: No. Except the part about world domination, I guess. Look, Desmond, it's complicated. Half the stuff they say about the Templars comes from crazy tin-foil hat-wearing nutjobs. The other half is misinformation intentionally produced by the Templars themselves.
Desmond: But they are the "bad guys," right?
Lucy: If there's one thing I've learned since I started working here, it's that there's no such thing. It's all so relative. I guess the best way to explain it is... what they want is good. But the way they're going about it... It's bad, really bad.
Desmond: What are they trying to do? Lucy?

Lucy's phone rings and she answers it.

Lucy: Yes?

Vidic's voice can be heard through Lucy's phone.

Vidic: Ms. Stillman, I need to speak with you. Get up here, Now!
Lucy: On my way, Doctor.

Lucy hangs up.

Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond, I have to go. You should turn in for the night. The answers to all of your questions are right in front of you. You just have to know where to look.

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Piece of EdenEdit

Desmond: I think there's a problem with the Animus.
Lucy: Nope. It's working fine.
Desmond: I'm pretty sure it just ejected me-
Lucy: I'm pretty sure you should shut up.
Desmond: You ready to finally tell me what's going on?
Lucy: We have to stop them, Desmond. When they access that last memory of yours... they're just getting started. They want to change everything. The way we live, the way we think, the way we are. You've gotten the lecture from Vidic. About what's wrong with the world, how we need "order and discipline." So, they're going to give it to us. Only, we don't have a say in the matter.
Desmond: How?
Lucy: The Templar treasure. They think it-

Lucy's phone rings and she answers it. Vidic responds through the phone.

Vidic: Ms. Stillman!
Lucy: I'm here.
Vidic: I need you to upload Desmond's files to the database.
Lucy: Got it.

Lucy hangs up again.

Desmond: So, what? They're using me to find the Templar treasure? What do they call it? The "Piece of Eden?"
Lucy: Yes.
Desmond: Well, it looking like it's at Masyaf. So I don't know why they're wasting all this time with me. Why don't they just send their people to pick it up?
Lucy: They can't... it's not that simple. The artifact from Masyaf... they had it. It was destroyed in the accident.
Desmond: Then, what are they hoping for me? For my ancestor to tell them?
Lucy: They're hoping he'll show them where the other ones are.
Desmond: You mean there's more than one of these things?!
Lucy: Oh, Desmond. You have no idea.

Lucy's phone rings again, with Vidic on the other end.

Vidic:' Is there a problem, Ms. Stillman?
Lucy: No, Warren. Everything's Denver on my end.
Vidic: Then, where are the files?

Lucy hangs up.

Lucy: I've gotta move these files before he gets suspicious. We'll talk more later.
Desmond: What does “Everything's Denver” mean?
Lucy: It means everything's fine.
Desmond: Why Denver?
Lucy: It's a reference to Denver International Airport. There's an underground facility there. It's where the accident happened.

Accepted historyEdit

Vidic: Time's wasting, Mr. Miles!
Desmond: Yeah, yeah. I'm comi-
Vidic: We're nearly done, you know.
Desmond: And then what?
Vidic: You'll see. Maybe they'll even let you watch when it begins. It's not as terrible as you think.
Desmond: Look, I know you're not gonna let me leave. So why not tell me what's going on? Humor me.

Vidic replies shrewdly.

Vidic: I'm not an idiot, Mr. Miles. I think you've already learned quite a bit.

Desmond plays coy.

Desmond: I don't know what you're talking about.
Vidic: Of course not.
Desmond: All right, let me ask you something else then.
Vidic: Yes?
Desmond: Some of the stuff I'm seeing in the Animus... sometimes it seems... wrong. Untrue, like the history's off somehow. It doesn't-

Vidic interrupts Desmond.

Vidic: It doesn't what, Mr. Miles? Match up with what you read on an online encyclopedia? What your high-school history teacher taught you? Let me ask you something: do these supposed experts have access to secret knowledge, kept hidden from the rest of us?
Desmond: There are books, letters, documents... all sorts of source material from back then. Some of it seems to contradict what the Animus is showing me.
Vidic: Anyone can write a book, and they can put whatever they want on its pages. Anything. Used to be that we thought the world was flat.
Desmond: Some people still do.
Vidic: Yes, and they publish books about it. Or that the moon landing was a hoax. I believe there's also a book that claims the Earth was created in seven days. A best-seller too.
Desmond: Where's this going, Doc?
Vidic: The point, I suppose, is that you shouldn't trust everything you hear. Everything you read. What's that your ancestor said? "Nothing is true?"
Desmond: "Everything is permitted."
Vidic: Yes, exactly. It's part of what makes the Animus so spectacular. There's no room for misinterpretation-

Desmond interrupts Vidic.

Desmond: There's always room.
Vidic: Touché, Mr. Miles. Now that I've answered your question, can we begin?

Rescue's failureEdit

Vidic: I said get up, God damn it! Listen!

Vidic turns on the intercom, through which gunfire can be heard.

Lucy: Oh no.
Vidic: Seems your Assassin friends found us!
Desmond: What?
Vidic: How'd you do it, Desmond?!
Desmond: Hey, look, I don't know what you're talking about, but whatever's going on down there has got nothing to do with me!
Vidic: They are here for you! And I sure as shit didn't invite them!

Vidic talks into the intercom.

Vidic: What's the situation down there?
Abstergo guard: We're taking heavy fire!
Vidic: Can you contain it, or do I need to evacuate the prisoner?!
Abstergo guard: Only five or six! We've got them outnumbered! Couple of wounded, but we'll pull through. We'll get it under control.

Vidic turns off the intercom and turns to Desmond.

Vidic: Goddamn you, Desmond! You couldn't leave well enough alone!
Desmond: I told you I had nothing to do with this! How would I even contact them? Telepathy? Come on!
Vidic: Doesn't matter, they'll be dead soon enough. Here, have a listen!

Vidic turns the intercom back on and gunfire continues, before stopping abruptly.

Abstergo guard: Threat's been neutralized.

Vidic turns off the intercom for the last time, before turning back towards Desmond.

Vidic: Looks like the cavalry won't be coming.
Desmond: Don't know, Doc. You were freaking out a minute ago. Your little research facility isn't as secure as you thought it was? Worried they'll be back with more?
Lucy: I don't think so, Desmond.
Vidic: What Lucy is trying to say is that there aren't any Assassins left to come for you. We've been very busy this past year, hunting down your little enclaves, your desert communes and whatnot. I'm afraid you're on your own. Rest up, Mr. Miles. Tomorrow, we finish this!

Vidic walks out.

Lucy: I'm sorry, Desmond.
Desmond: He mentioned the desert. Do you think-
Lucy: They sent a team there, but the place was deserted. I don't know where your parents are, and I can't promise they're still alive. But I think they got away.
Desmond: Thanks. Thanks for checking.
Lucy: It's not as bad as it seems.
Desmond: What are you talking about? They just killed -- literally killed -- my only chance of getting out of here! And then, I find out the Assassins are all but destroyed and... Christ, I still don't know what these people are planning! But I do know they plan to kill me when they're done! I am screwed, okay!? What do you want me to do!?
Lucy: Just try and have a little faith.

Lucy bends her left ring finger, symbolizing the Assassins.

Desmond: You’re...
Lucy: Have faith. Rest up, Desmond. You're gonna need the energy.

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End of experimentEdit

Desmond finishes the final memory of Altaïr.

Desmond: What the hell was that?
Rikkin: Well?!
Vidic: We've got the map.
Rikkin: How many?
Vidic: At least half a dozen.
Rikkin: We don't need them all.
Vidic: We should assume some amount of decay. I can't imagine they'll all still be functioning. At least two appear to reside on landmasses that no longer exist.
Rikkin: We'll dispatch teams to each site and determine viability. We only need one, after all.
Vidic: What about the rest?
Rikkin: Collect them! Let's not leave anything to chance! Last thing we need is some damn survivor making trouble for us in the New World!
Vidic: And the Assassin?
Rikkin: We have what we need. Kill him.
Lucy: Wait. You know how these things work. I doubt we'll be able to walk right in.
Rikkin: What's your point?
Lucy: We might need him. His memories. I'd recommend we hold him until we have confirmation that there aren't any surprises waiting for us at the sites.
Vidic: This is a waste of time.
Lucy: You said it yourself. We shouldn't leave anything to chance.
Rikkin: Very well. Ensure we have no further need of him, then kill him.
Vidic: Fine.

Vidic replies to Lucy.

Vidic: Stop undermining my authority!
Lucy: I just saved your ass.
Vidic: Let's go! We've got a lot of work to do. Don't get too comfortable, Mr. Miles! We'll be back for you soon enough.

Desmond gets up and activates Eagle Vision for the first time. Many symbols can be seen on the floor in the Animus room.

Desmond: What the hell is that?

Desmond goes to his bedroom and notices more symbols on the wall.

Desmond: Oh my god! It looks like.. is that blood? Who the hell were they keeping here before me? What happened to him? What does it mean I wonder?

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Assassin's Creed II

After escaping Abstergo, Desmond was introduced to his fellow Assassins, Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane. These two would assist Lucy in training Desmond to be an Assassin.

Escape from AbstergoEdit

Lucy: We have to go.
Desmond: Lucy! Where have you been? Why did they-
Lucy: Now. Get in.
Desmond: What's with the blood? Are you okay?
Lucy: Look, we have maybe ten minutes -- maybe -- before they'll figure out what I've done. If we're not out of here and on the road before then...
Desmond: Wait, we're leaving?
Lucy: Desmond, I promise I'll answer all of your questions. Later. But right now, I need you to just shut up and do what I say. So please -- get in the Animus.
Desmond: Alright..

Desmond enters the Animus and witnesses Ezio being born.

Lucy: Get up. Let's go.
Desmond: Yeah well, uh, I'm gonna need a second...
Lucy: There isn't time, Desmond. We have to leave.
Desmond: We're really getting out of here, huh... Abstergo's got some fucked up interior decorators...
Lucy: Stay close.

Two guards notice Lucy and Desmond escaping.

Abstergo Guard 1: Hey! You're not supposed to be up here!

Lucy types in a code and locks a door, to prevent the guards from following them.

Abstergo Guard 2: Open this door!
Abstergo Guard 1: I'm calling it in. We have a breach in the research wing. I repeat. There's been a breach in the research wing. Requesting backup from all available security personnel. Subjects appear to be armed.
Desmond: Glass walls. Fancy. These must be a bitch to clean.

Lucy and Desmond are spotted by some other Abstergo guards.

Abstergo Guard 3: There they are! Don't let them get away!

Lucy fights with the guards, swiftly taking them down.

Desmond: Holy shit! Look at this place. What about the cameras?
Lucy: I rigged them to loop old footage. How do you think I managed to hide all your night-time snooping from Abstergo?
Desmond: You're good.
Lucy: So I've been told. But they're onto us now. We need to hurry. Careful... We need to get to that elevator on the other side of the room. Follow my lead. But keep an eye out for security. I'd rather avoid a fight.
Desmond: Is that an Animus?
Lucy: Careful.
Desmond: What the... How many of them are there? Is it Animus-es? Or Animi? What do you think, Lucy? Lucy? What do they need with all of them?
Lucy: Desmond. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Please...

Lucy swipes a card into a keypad and enters a code, which fails.

Lucy: Fuck! I thought this card would work... it must be on separate system and I don't have the code.

Desmond tries his hand at entering a code into the keypad.

Desmond: Wait... Shit! C'mon!

Desmond uses Eagle Vision to see the fingerprints on the keypad and enters the code 2374.

Lucy: How did you do that?
Desmond: I don't know.
Lucy: Let's go. It's always something.
Desmond: What was that in the Animus? Subject 16? Ezio Audi-Audi-something?
Lucy: I think we've been wrong all along. That's why we need to get out of here. Vidic and the Templars... they're only part of the problem.
Desmond: What do you mean?
Lucy: I'll explain when we get there.
Desmond: Get where?

Desmond and Lucy reach the parking lot and fight off a squad of guards. They run for Vidic's car and Lucy opens the trunk.

Lucy: Get in.
Desmond: You're joking.
Lucy: It's for your own protection.
Desmond: Oh man.

Desmond gets into the trunk of the car.

Lucy: We're almost there.

Desmond shoots a dirty look up at Lucy, who slams the trunk door shut.

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Arriving at the HideoutEdit

Finally, Lucy opens the trunk and Desmond sits up.

Desmond: Thanks for that. It was great. Being shoved in the trunk. Bouncing around. Loved it.
Lucy: This way.

Desmond gets out of the trunk and follows Lucy.

Desmond: So, you gonna tell me what's going on now?
Lucy: There was a reason for the escape, Desmond.

Desmond scoffs.

Desmond: Figures...
Lucy: We need your help.
Desmond: For what? Another treasure hunt through time?
Lucy: Abstergo's gonna replace their Apple of Eden. The map your ancestor found guarantees it. The other Assassins... they'll do what they can, where they can, but...
Desmond: What? What is it?
Lucy: We're losing this war, Desmond. The Templars are too powerful. And every day, more of us die.
Desmond: I still don't see how I fit into things.
Lucy: We're going to train you. Turn you into one of us.

Desmond replies in a shocked manner.

Desmond: What?! No, no, you've seen me in action. I'm no good at this! And even if I was, it would take months -- years even.
Lucy: No. Not with the Animus. Not with the bleeding effect.
Desmond: But I'm just one guy...
Lucy: Sometimes that's all you need.
Desmond: So that's why you found him... My ancestor. What was his name? Ezio?
Lucy: If you can follow in his footsteps, you'll learn everything he did -- just like he did. Years of training absorbed in a matter of days.
Desmond: You broke me out of Abstergo and brought me here just to make me an Assassin?

Lucy turns around.

Lucy: Look, there's a lot more to it than that, but it'll have to wait. Trust me, okay?
Desmond: Alright, I'm in. Tell me what you need.
Lucy: Really? You're sure?
Desmond: I thought you'd be happy about this.

Lucy stammers a little.

Lucy: Sorry, I'm just a little surprised. I spent the whole ride over here figuring out how I was gonna convince you to do this...
Desmond: Save it. After what those Templar bastards put me through, I'm ready, willing, and able.

Lucy hugs Desmond warmly.

Lucy: Thank you.

They keep walking into the hideout. Rebecca jumps up when she sees Lucy.

Rebecca: Lucy! You made it! God, it's been so long! Seven years, can you believe it?
Shaun: Indeed. Welcome back.

Shaun notices Desmond.

Shaun: Ah, so this must be the infamous subject seventeen... Desmond Miles, was it?
Desmond: Who are you?
Shaun: I'm sorry, where are my manners? I'm Shaun Hastings. This is Rebecca Crane.
Rebecca: Nice to meet you, Desmond.
Shaun: Right, well, it's been lovely chatting, but if you don't mind, Desmond, it's best we get straight to work. Time is precious. Doubly so these days.
Rebecca: We've got everything set up and ready, Lucy. Just say the word and we'll get going.
Lucy: Here. I brought you something. A parting gift from Abstergo.

Rebecca responds excitedly.

Rebecca: Whoa! The memory core! This is amazing! With their data, things are gonna go a lot faster. I'll get to work on merging the code...

Desmond walks over to Lucy.

Desmond: Hey, listen. I just wanted to say thank you, and that I'm sorry.
Lucy: Sorry?
Desmond: Yeah, you know, before. Everything at Abstergo. It's just... I wasn't ready.
Lucy: It's okay.
Desmond: No, going through all that, knowing that the Templars still exist, what they're planning...
Lucy: What's done is done, Desmond. You're here now and that's what matters.
Desmond: Lucy, I've been seeing things. Symbols in my bedroom, the code on the keypad... Just like Altaïr.
Lucy: It's from the bleeding effect. You're taking on more than your ancestor's memories, you're taking on their skills too. In this case, Eagle Vision.
Desmond: Skills?
Lucy: You're more receptive now, so if all goes well, everything Ezio learns in the Animus, you'll learn too.
Desmond: You really think that this will work? That I'll become an Assassin?
Lucy: You already are an Assassin. You'll just be better at it.
Shaun: Yeah, hopefully much better at it. I mean seriously, I saw the tapes from Abstergo, you didn't even try to escape.
Desmond: What a dick.

Desmond walks over to Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hey Desmond, what's up?
Desmond: Just wondering what your role is in all this.
Rebecca: Me? I take care of Baby. It's my job to keep her up and running.
Desmond: Baby? You mean the Animus.
Rebecca: Actually, I prefer Animus two-point-oh since Baby's twice as awesome as anything you'll find at Abstergo. The Templars might have deeper pockets than us, but they've got no ambition, no passion, no competitive edge! That's why, even with all their resources, anything they can do, I can do better. Faster too. Anyway, take a seat when you're ready and we can get started. I just need to make few more adjustments...

Desmond approaches Shaun.

Desmond: What's all this stuff for?
Shaun: This stuff, Desmond, oh this stuff is nothing special, really, this stuff is just the stuff that keeps our entire operation from falling apart, really. It requires a great deal of concentration to keep it all moving, so you'll forgive me if I don't have time to play meet and greet.
Rebecca: Shaun's in charge of maintaining our knowledge archives -- it's like a digital library. He'll be riding shotgun with me while you're in the Animus. So if you come across anything of note -- people, places, events, etcetera -- he'll create database entries you can consult for additional information.
Shaun: Y-yeah, it's not just databases though. I also provide tactical support for the other Assassins. You know, Desmond, the ones who are out there -- actually doing stuff. Risking their lives, little things like that.

During Memory sequence 2Edit

Shaun: I've got a little request for you. I've identified several strange markings that I've discovered right across Renaissance Italy. Now, I don't know what they're doing there, but I want you to help me find out. Rebecca has marked there general location in the database with an eye icon and she made them glow as well. Keep an eye out.

After Desmond finds the first Glyph.

Shaun: That's one of the symbols. What does it mean? It must be there for a reason. Can you take a closer look. Hey! Try using Eagle Vision.
Rebecca: Wait, that's not possible. This can't be... hold on, that's computer code. Let me compile it... aw shit, it's an encrypted file.
Shaun: Upload it to my computer. I'm a master at decryption.
Rebecca: I can't. It's only compatible with the Animus itself.
Shaun: Up-upload it to Desmond then. I can't believe this.

After listening to Subject 16's recording.

Shaun: What the he-! How did this get inside our Animus?
Lucy: Oh, oh. The Memory Core, we transferred Sixteen's Memory Data from Abstergo into the Animus 2.0. He must have hacked the machine when Vidic left him alone between sessions.
Desmond: Hold on, wait a second... The signs on the walls in Abstergo... The ones written in blood. Those were clues! He was telling us to look for them inside the Animus.

After Desmond discovers the first Assassin Tomb:

Shaun: Look at that statue! It's identical in one in the Villa Auditore! I think you've stumbled onto one of the Assassin's Tombs Ezio's uncle mentioned.
Rebecca: Now that we know the way in, I'll tag the landmarks containing tombs in the database.

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After Memory sequence 6Edit

Desmond: Everything all right?
Lucy: Better than all right. You're making amazing progress.
Shaun: "Amazing" is quite a strong word.
Desmond: Then why are we stopping?
Rebecca: Prolonged exposure to the Animus can have, uh, side effects.
Desmond: Awesome.
Lucy: It's nothing to worry about. You haven't shown any of the symptoms.
Desmond: Symptoms? What symptoms?!
Rebecca: Degradation of cognition, temporal hallucinations, multiple awareness issues, overlapping realities, you know.

Desmond becomes worried.

Desmond: So what you're saying is...
Shaun: What we're saying, Desmond, is if you're not careful, you may not need the Animus to visit with your ancestors. Which wouldn't be a bad thing assuming you could control it. Up until now, though, no one has.
Desmond: Subject 16.
Lucy: We have safeguards, Desmond. And they kept him in the Animus for way too long, sometimes days at a time. We're being careful with you.
Desmond: I hope so.
Lucy: Anyway, I was hoping we could test out your skill retention. See if you've picked up some of Ezio's abilities.
Desmond: I'm game.
Lucy: Great. Meet me downstairs when you're ready.

Desmond initiates a conversation with Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hey! Nice work today. You're a natural.
Desmond: Thanks. it's definitely getting easier. I gotta say -- after all the crap I went through at Abstergo -- It's nice to be with the good guys.
Shaun: "Good guys?" Let's not get carried away.
Rebecca: What's that supposed to mean?
Shaun: In case you've forgotten, Rebecca, we're Assassins. I could look it up for you, if you like. Basically, it means we assassinate people.
Desmond: Only when we have to.
Shaun: It's a choice. You're choosing to kill.
Desmond: I haven't killed anyone.
Shaun: No. Not yet. But what do you think all this is for, eh? You think Lucy is giving you Ezio's abilities so you can build schools in South America and deliver rice to starving Indonesians? What are you Desmond, a vegan? You'd be the first vegan assassin in history.
Rebecca: Look, it's not ideal. And taking a life is never easy. But sometimes there's no other way. Sometimes, Desmond, people have to die for things to change.
Shaun: She's got a point. But don't fool yourself into thinking you have no say. I mean, isn't it that what we're all about here? Safe-guarding free will?
Rebecca: Sorry... I didn't mean to make it into a whole big thing.
Desmond: Nah, it's cool. So, how's she treating you?
Rebecca: The translation software is still a bit laggy... You're probably catching the odd bit of Italian. Sorry about that.
Desmond: No worries. Abstergo's machine wasn't perfect either. And the subtitles... definitely a big plus.

Desmond walks over to Shaun.

Desmond: What could 16 have found that needs so much secrecy and security?
Shaun: Oh, I don't know, do I? Lucy thinks it's something about the Codex, but I'm not so sure. I'm all ears, if it's as life changing as 16 says. Blimey, if I was allowed to use the Animus, I'd be the one in there finding out. Instead, as usual I'm forced to sit here on the sidelines.
Desmond: What are you up to?
Shaun: What am I -- who are you, my mom? I've been running traces on the Codex pages. Looking to see if any of them are still around.
Desmond: And?
Shaun: Nothing concrete. Reports on one in the archives of the National Central Library in Florence. Maybe a few in the hands of collectors... probably Templars. I'd send someone to check it out, but we're very short on manpower.
Desmond: How do you think the Codex wound up in Italy? I mean... it seems so random.
Shaun: Dante Alighieri by way of Marco Polo.
Desmond: Seriously?
Shaun: Something happened in 1321, yeah. Now, I'm still working on making the connections... But from what I can tell, Polo encountered the Assassins while visiting Kublai Khan. That's right, this must be when he obtained the Codex. Now, when he returned to Italy, he passed it on to Dante. Dante was close to them -- if not an Assassin himself. Now, I have no idea what brought the two of them together... But I tell you what, I reckon we can find out.
Desmond: I don't think Lucy wants us messing with the Animus.
Shaun: Yeah, you're right. We've got enough to deal with. I guess satisfying my curiosity will have to wait.
Desmond: How did you get involved in this?
Shaun: Most Assassins, Desmond, are like you, yeah? They're "born" into the Brotherhood. Not me, though.
Rebecca: Ugh, here we go.
Shaun: What?! He asked. Anyway, I've always been fascinated by the unexplained. There's something exciting there, you know, a sense that life is more interesting, more mysterious than we've been led to believe.
Desmond: So, what, you just stumbled across the Assassins?
Shaun: No, I found the Templars first, actually. Abstergo's a big company. It's too big, which means there were slip-ups, you know, like that mess they're having right now with the fluoride. Only I was tracking this stuff years ago. I must have been, what, 14? 15?
Desmond: You knew Abstergo was a Templar company?
Shaun: No, not at first. I just knew they were up to no good and I figured maybe I could do something about it. So I starting digging up everything I could on the company, posting stuff to news groups, trying to spread word, looking for people with stories to tell.
Desmond: You must have gotten Abstergo's attention.
Shaun: Well, fortunately, I got Rebecca's first. Otherwise I'd be at the bottom of a river.
Rebecca: You're welcome.
Shaun: Yep, she tried to warn me. Told me I was messing with the wrong people.
Rebecca: And what did you do?
Shaun: I thought you were mental.
Rebecca: But now you know better.
Shaun: Yep, now I know you're just a bit mental.
Rebecca: Long story short, I saved his ass! Multiple times! Should've just dropped him and let Abstergo have their way.
Shaun: Listen to you, trying to be all "bad-ass."
Desmond: So what happened?
Shaun: I have a gift, Desmond. I have a gift for seeing things. Making connections, like your eagle vision, you know. Only useful.
Rebecca: We offered him a place with us.
Shaun: Yes, you did, yeah. The alternative? A life on the run from the most powerful organization on the planet. I decided to prolong my life. I'm eccentric like that. So I signed up. I've been doing research and analysis for them ever since. Best part is, I love it.
Desmond: What are you doing?
Shaun: I'm keeping tabs on the other teams.
Desmond: Other teams?
Shaun: The Templars have been hunting down the Pieces of Eden using the map they got from you at Abstergo. Luckily, Lucy has provided us with a copy as well, allowing us to pursue them.
Desmond: How's that working out?
Shaun: So far, so good.
Desmond: If they find even one piece, we'll have problems.
Shaun: Oh, you're picking up on that, are you? That is why we're training you. Once you've acquired the necessary skills, we'll be able to send you into the field.
Desmond: And you? Why aren't you out there?
Shaun: I'm not out there cause my expertise lies in other areas. And to be honest, I prefer it that way. But make no mistake, Desmond, I'm an Assassin through and through. I've killed before, I expect to kill again. It's just that I'd prefer not to.

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With Lucy in the warehouseEdit

Desmond: So what's the plan?
Lucy: We're going to see what you've managed to retain. Come on.

They walk into the warehouse together.

Lucy: Abstergo's out there, waiting for us. They're better funded and better equipped. So it's only a matter of time before they find this place. We need to be ready for them when they do. I want you to activate the warehouse's defense system. I'll let you figure out how to reach the sensors.
Desmond: Aw, come on. Not even a hint?
Lucy: Open your eyes, Desmond.

Desmond starts the course and begins to suffer from the Bleeding effect.

Desmond: Uh, Lucy... I'm seeing things.
Lucy: Do the hallucinations last longer than thirty seconds?
Desmond: No.
Lucy: Then it's nothing to be worried about. It'll pass.
Desmond: So how am I doing?
Lucy: You've picked up every single one of Ezio's skills. The adoption rate is fantastic! Another day or two and we'll be done.
Desmond: All right, you've gotta tell me. Why Ezio? Why Italy? I mean, we could've just gone back to Altaïr again. Follow him during his early years.
Lucy: It started with Sixteen...
Desmond: Ah, good old Subject 16. He repainted my room, y'know... with his blood!
Lucy: I've been going through his files. Vidic flagged a couple of his Animus sessions. A bunch of different ancestors, different dates and locations... ancient Africa, the Middle East... but towards the end, he became obsessed with Italy. I think he knew about the Vault. A few of the records of his later Animus sessions are missing, and the sessions that are there... After everything the Templars put him through... after everything I put him through... it's all scrambled. If we hadn't pushed Sixteen so hard, we'd have all the answers already... and maybe he'd still be alive.
Desmond: So you're after the Codex and the Vault?
Lucy: I knew you had an ancestor in Italy who was at the center of all this.

Desmond successfully reaches all of the sensors.

Lucy: Alright, I think we're done for today.
Desmond: Lucy, what happened to Sixteen wasn't your fault. You were just as much a prisoner as I was.
Lucy: Thanks. Good night, Desmond. I'm glad you're here.

Desmond goes upstairs to the hideout. On the way, he experiences another vision and loses consciousness.
During Altaïr's sequenceEdit

Desmond relives Altaïr's memories in Acre.

Desmond: What the hell... What is this?... Where am I?... It's Acre. And... Altaïr? How the hell... I'm not even in the Animus. I must've passed out. Just having some kind of weird dream... Going without sleep for who knows how long... Guess I shouldn't be surprised...

Desmond notices a person who runs when they spot Altaïr.

Desmond: Hmm. That must be his target...

Altaïr chases his target to the top of the tower. The target takes off their hood.

Desmond: Hey, it's the woman from Acre. What was her name? Maria. Yeah. Wonder what he wants with her...

Altaïr and Maria kiss.

Desmond: Whoa... Alright, wasn't expecting that...

Part of the memory skips. Altaïr performs a Leap of Faith and leaves Maria, but the focus of the memory doesn't follow Altaïr.

Desmond: Wait a second... Why aren't I following Altaïr? I'm stuck here with Maria. Oh shit! That must mean... This is one weird dream...

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After Altaïr's sequenceEdit

Desmond wakes up, and Rebecca comes to speak to him.

Rebecca: Sorry to barge you on like this but it's getting late and we were... Hey, you okay?
Desmond: Yeah, yeah... All good. Weird dreams. That's all...
Rebecca: All right. I'll let you get ready. See you in a few.
Shaun: Ah! Good of you to join us.
Desmond: Sorry, long night...
Shaun: What a professional, what a professional approach!
Rebecca: Leave him alone!
Shaun: Well, you'll forgive me if I want to get some actual work done. Hmm, madness, isn't it?
Lucy: Shaun! Please. That's enough.
Shaun: Alright..

Desmond strikes up a conversation with Lucy.

Desmond: Hey...
Lucy: Uh, hi.
Desmond: Are you okay?
Lucy: Yeah, I'm fine. Everything's fine.
Desmond: You sure?
Lucy: We lost two more teams last night. That's eight of us just... gone.
Desmond: I'm sorry.
Lucy: I don't know what to do anymore... It just keep getting worse and worse.
Desmond: Hey, remember what you told me? You gotta have faith. And look. Here we are. Safe and sound.
Lucy: For how long? And when they find us? Then what?
Desmond: When that happens -- if that happens. We'll deal with it. I'll keep you safe.
Lucy: Anyway -- enough with my little breakdown. I should get back to work. And so should you.

After Memory sequence 11Edit

Lucy: Are you okay? Do you want to stop?
Desmond: No, I need to go back. Right now.
Desmond: Everything okay out there.
Rebecca: Hold on, I'm gonna try to find a workaround. This one's corrupted too... Let me check another. This one seems okay. I'm gonna run some diagnostics. But at least now you can continue.
Lucy: Or we can take a break if you want.
Shaun: No, I would advise against that. I'm picking up a fair amount of radio chatter. Abstergo is none too pleased about losing you and Lucy and it's only a matter of time before they wind up here. We'd better finish with this before then.
Desmond: Alright. But what about the missing years? Anything important happen that we should know about?
Shaun: Alright, let's take a look, shall we.. According to this, it's a rather tumultuous time for Florence. Following Lorenzo's death, the Medici are deposed, and a Dominican priest named Savonarola is given control of the city. Now he promptly turns it into the most miserable place on Earth. According to this, it's when the Bonfire of the Vanities took place.
Rebecca: Hey, I liked that movie!
Shaun: Oh, did you like that movie? That's interesting! What other movies do you like? Rebecca -- the grownups are talking! Now let's see what else we have here... Some entries on Machiavelli, some trouble in Forlì, a rather amusing anecdote about Caterina Sforza and, well, her reproductive organs... I'll tell you later... O-oh... oh dear...
Lucy: Shaun?
Shaun: Of course... How could I have forgotten?
Desmond: You wanna share with the rest of us?
Shaun: Rodrigo Borgia is elected Pope in 1492. Which means Ezio's greatest enemy is now also the most powerful man in Italy.
Desmond: Always wanted to visit the Vatican.
Shaun: Well, your luck's in Desmond, happy days. 'Cause that's exactly where you're going.

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Entering the VaultEdit

Minerva: (to Ezio) Greetings, prophet. It is good you have come. Let us see it. To give thanks.

Ezio shows the Apple of Eden to Minerva, who "touches" it.

Minerva: (to Desmond) We must speak.
Ezio: Who are you?
Minerva: (to Ezio) Many names. When I died, it was Minerva. Before that Merva, and Mera. And on and on. The others, too: Juno, who was before called Uni; Jupiter, who was before called Tinia.
Ezio: You are... gods.
Minerva: (laughs) No. Not gods. We simply came... before. Even when we walked the world, your kind struggled to understand our existence. We were more... advanced in time. Your minds were not yet ready. (turns to Desmond) Still not, maybe never. No matter. You may not comprehend us. But you will comprehend our warning. You must.
Ezio: None of what you are saying makes sense.
Minerva: (to Ezio) Our words are not meant for you.
Ezio: What are you talking about? There is no one else here!
Minerva: Enough! I do not wish to speak with you, but through you. You are the prophet. You've played your part. You anchor him, but please be silent! That we may commune.
Minerva: (to Desmond) Listen. When we were still flesh, and our homes still whole, your kind betrayed us. We who made you. We who gave you life! We were strong. But you were many. And both of us craved war.

So busy were we with earthly concerns, we failed to notice the heavens. And by the time we did... the world burned and naught remained but ash. It should have ended then and there. But we built you in our own image. We built you to survive. And so you did.

Few were our numbers. Your kind and mine. It took sacrifice. Strength. Compassion. But we rebuilt. And as life returned to the world... We endeavored to ensure this tragedy would not be repeated.

But now we are dying. And time will work against us. Truth turned into myth and legend. What we build, misunderstood. Let my words preserve the message and make a record of our loss. But let my words also bring hope.

You must find the other temples. Built by those who knew to turn away from war. They worked to protect us - to save us from the fire. If you can find them... If their work can be saved... so too might this world.

Be quick, for time grows short. And guard against the Cross, for there are many who will stand in your way.

It is done. The message is delivered. We are gone from this world. All of us. We can do no more. The rest is up to you, Desmond.

Ezio: What? Who is Desmond? I don't understand! Please, wait! I have so many questions!
Desmond: What the fuck?

After Memory sequence 14Edit

Shaun: ...there's only about ten minutes until they get...
Rebecca: ...need all of my equipment...
Lucy: ...ready to go before they do... DESMOND!
Desmond: Yeah, yeah.
Lucy: Alright, Shaun. I need you and Rebecca to get everything in here packed up and loaded into the truck.

Lucy turns to Desmond.

Lucy: You and I'll deal with the Templars.
Desmond: What, they're here?
Shaun: It was only a matter of time before they discovered us. To be honest, I'm surprised it took them as long as it did.
Lucy: Let's go.
Shaun: Stop screwing around, mate, and help her.
Desmond, go and help Lucy.
Desmond: So what's the plan? We ditch this place and then what?
Lucy: There's another safehouse. It's -- We've got company. The truck's just up ahead.
Vidic: Mister Miles! This is an unexpectedly pleasant turn of events! And here I thought I'd have to waste more men on you! Kind of you to save me the trouble.
Desmond: What do you want, Vidic?
Vidic: For you to come home. We miss you terribly. There's still so much work for us to do together!

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А можно пожалуйста русскую версию?
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Читайте мой фанфик.http://assassinscreed.su/forum/32-1399-1
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На русском дублировать можно? Только у меня кусочки. Я писала когда-то на слух.
"Ассасины, тамплиеры... Дурдом". (с)
"Когда короны и церковь падут, решать будем мы -- владельцы золота". (с)
Р.Ф. -- Ротшильд фрер.
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Lucy: It's not happening, Warren.
Vidic: You continue to disappoint in every conceivable way, Ms. Stillman. I saved your life once. Do you remember? And THIS is how you repay me?
Lucy: You saved me so you could keep experimenting on people -- destroying their lives -- and for what?
Vidic: Oh, this tired argument again. As I recall, you were there—at my side—every step of the way... Their blood is on YOUR hands just as much as MINE.

Lucy speaks to Desmond.

Lucy: You need to stop him.
Desmond: I'm on it.

Desmond and Lucy fight with Abstergo guards.

Vidic: Well, well! It seems Mister Miles learned to fight! It's only a matter of time before you're both back where you belong! Is this necessary?

After incapacitating all of the guards.

Desmond: Uh-oh, Doc. Looks like it's just you and me now.
Vidic: Enjoy your victory Mister Miles, temporary as it is.

Vidic's truck drives away.

Rebecca: Desmond! We have to go!
Shaun: There you are! Come on. Help Lucy into the van. Hurry, Desmond! We need to go!
Lucy: You'll have your turn, Desmond. Warren's gonna get what he deserves. I promise.
Desmond: So what now? Where are we headed?
Lucy: There's a cabin up north. We should be safe there -- at least for a little while. I have to analyze those tapes from your session -- figure out what's happening.
Desmond: And then what?
Rebecca: Here we go. I've got you all hooked up. Got a long drive ahead of us. Figured you might want to play around with the Animus on the way...
Desmond: Alright, but I've got some questions first, I mean -- what the hell was that in the Vault?
Lucy: What you saw proves everything I was afraid of. The Templars aren't our biggest threat. Not by a longshot.
Desmond: So.. what, the sun is? What's it going to do? Cook the Earth?
Lucy: I doubt it, but... I don't know. There's been some speculation that the Earth's magnetic field is weakening... A sufficiently strong flare could flip the poles and cause geomagnetic reversal. It's all theoretical. But if it happens -- the planet could become geologically unstable. Very unstable.
Shaun: It's meant to be the stuff of pseudo-science -- but clearly something catastrophic happened to the people of the first civilization. And that woman -- Minerva, was it? -- she seemed to think we were due for a second round.
Desmond: So either way, we're fucked.
Lucy: I don't know yet... We'll keep reviewing the tapes. And you can keep digging through your memories. Maybe there's more to discover.
Desmond: Alright. Guess I better get started...

After completing The TruthEdit

Rebecca: Wow.
Shaun: Was that what I think it was?
Lucy: We'll send the video out for analysis as soon as Desmond's done in the machine.
Desmond: You okay?
Lucy: He'd be able to explain the whole thing to us. If only we could ask him.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Broken SequenceEdit

Assassins try to access the Sequence 9, but it's broken.

Desmond: Uh, Rebecca? What's going on..
Rebecca: I have to run some diagnostics, I'll get back to you.

Desmond starts to relieve the 1st sequence.
After arriving in MonteriggioniEdit

Rebecca: Lucy, I can't seem to get a position on Ezio's P.O.E.
Desmond: P.O.E.? Could one of you tell me what's going on?
Lucy: Sorry, Desmond, Piece of Eden. In the Vatican, Minerva talked about other temples, that they're the key to preventing whatever terrible thing is about to happen to the Earth.
Desmond: Right.
Lucy: To find the temples I'm convinced we need to get our hands on Ezio's Apple of Eden. Minerva altered it somehow when she "touched" it.
Desmond: Wait. We're at the Auditore Villa?
Lucy: Yes. It's our last safehouse in Italy. It turns out the Templars are watching the border.
Rebecca: Ezio hid the P.O.E. sometime in 1507, but when I try to access that DNA sequence, he seems to be.. remembering something else.
Desmond: Like a memory inside a memory?
Rebecca: Yes. Exactly. Maybe.
Desmond: Exactly maybe?
Shaun: I believe you experienced something similar back at Abstergo, didn't you?
Lucy: Subject 15 exhibited memory-within-memory-like-patterns, but she was pregnant. The memories of both the fetus' father and mother were competing.
Shaun: Desmond's not pregnant. At least, as far as I can tell. Might have just had a big lunch.
Lucy (to Rebecca): Can you skip ahead to a later memory?
Rebecca: No, it doesn't work.
Lucy: Well that sounds familiar. We couldn't access Altaïr's later memories until Desmond had improved his synchronization.
Shaun: Then it's possible something similar has occurred here. Ezio's troubled state is being transposed onto Desmond, destabilizing the memory. Either that, or Rebecca's just not a very good engineer.
Rebecca: Thanks, asshole.
Shaun: What? I'm simply listing possible explanations. And that is amongst the most likely. Touchy..
Rebecca: This place isn't secure. Cell phone surveillance can see right through the walls.
Desmond: Don't you mean satellite surveillance?
Rebecca: Are you kidding? Abstergo upgraded to cell towers ages ago. The waves go through everything above ground. They're gonna find us.
Lucy: No they aren't. Come with me.

Inside the Villa, in Mario's study:

Lucy: There's a beam blocking it from the inside. We're not getting in this way.
Rebecca: What's our next move?
Lucy: The road just loops back into the highway. This is not a good place for us to be right now.
Rebecca: Do we have any tarps? We need to cover up the van.
Shaun: I really hate to stress this, yeah, but we are running out of time.
Lucy: Well help us then, Shaun. Do you have any ideas?
Shaun: I don't know, maybe there's another way into the Sanctuary?
Desmond: Hey, I think I've got something. (to Lucy) Follow me.

Desmond performs his first Leap of Faith.

Lucy: Desmond, that was.. pretty awesome.
Desmond: It just felt natural. We can get in through here.
Lucy: Good job.
Shaun: We'll just wait up here then shall we... yeah? All alone, with massive targets painted on our backs.

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Desmond and Lucy enter the Auditore Crypt, their glow-sticks are not working.

Lucy: Why won't this turn on..
Desmond: It's great to be out of the Animus.
Lucy: This isn't exactly my idea of a good time.
Desmond: Let me guess: you're more the in-bed-at-six-type.
Lucy: What? Desmond! I know how to have fun.
Desmond: That's very convincing. Yeah, I'm convinced.
Lucy: Okay, okay. After we save the world, I'll show you.
Desmond: Wait, can I get that in writing?
Lucy: We have light!

Traveling through the CryptEdit

Desmond suffers the bleeding effect and sees the townspeople escape.

Desmond: What was that?
Lucy: I don't see anything.
Ezio's "ghost": Run! Get out before i soldati (the soldiers) catch you! Correte! (Run!) Go!

Ezio pulls the lever, gate impales Borgia soldier. Ghosts fade away revealing guard skeleton

Desmond: They escaped through here.
Lucy: What?
Desmond: Ezio and the villagers. After the attack, I can see them now.
Lucy: I know it's difficult. But try to compartmentalize, Desmond. Focus on the present.
Desmond: What if I can't stop the visions? How long before I start painting symbols on the walls?
Lucy: Don't joke about that. Sixteen is dead. We're focusing on the present, okay?

They walk up to the gate; Desmond pulls lever; gate only pulls up a few inches above the bones, then drops.

Desmond: Great. It's stuck!
Lucy: I can get under there.
Desmond: Ready.

Desmond lifts gate, Lucy crawls under.

Desmond: Any chance you can lift that gate?
Lucy: Not unless you want me to end up like that skeleton.
Desmond: I'll find another way around.
Lucy: I can drop into the corridor below through here.
Desmond (jokingly): Watch out for bats.
Lucy (frightened): Where?!
Desmond (laughing): I meant in case you see any.
Lucy (scolding): Remind me not to make you a lookout.

Lucy jumps down; Desmond sees more figures through the Bleeding Effect.

Lucy: Desmond?
Desmond: More ghosts.
Lucy: I'm here, okay? Just stay with me.
Claudia's voice: Ezio!
Ezio's "ghost": Did anything fall on you?
Claudia's "ghost": No. Is Mother all right?
Lucy: Desmond? We can't climb this.
Desmond: How about you give me a boost?
Lucy: That's a bad idea.
Desmond: I could throw you into the air and you grab on.
Lucy: Even worse.
Desmond: Follow me.

Desmond walks toward pulley, pulls up Lucy

Desmond: How about this?
Lucy: What are you going to--

Desmond kicks back lever, they both rocket upwards to a ledge

Lucy: Nice job.
Desmond: I aim to please.

They start free-running through the tunnel

Desmond: I wonder how old these tunnels are.
Lucy: Middle Ages, probably. Luckily, these beams still hold our weight.
Desmond: After all this time in the Animus, I'm not so sure.
Lucy: Ya, I didn't want to say anything, but you're really getting fat.
Desmond: Ouch.
Lucy (jokingly): I even told Rebecca to widen the Animus.
Desmond: Seriously?
Lucy: No.
Desmond: You know when I came here last...
Lucy: When Ezio came here.
Desmond: Yeah, I meant Ezio.
Lucy: I shouldn't put you through this. It's not right.
Desmond (reassuringly): Hey. All joking aside, I'm having the time of my life. And it's thanks to you.
Lucy: Just focus on where you're going, okay?

They come to another gate and lever

Desmond: When did this become my job?
Lucy: If I pulled all the levers, then what would be left for you?
Desmond (innocently): Nothing.
Lucy: Nice try.
Desmond: Ready.

The gate opens and Lucy rolls under it.

Lucy: Found a switch (pulls lever, grinding noises can be heard.)
Desmond: Something's opened.
Lucy: I'm stuck over here, but I can see a lever across the water.
Desmond: Great, Ezio gets a bath with Caterina Sforza and I get...a swim in a toilet. (pulls lever) I've got this one!
Lucy: There's another lever up ahead. Come over here.

Desmond jumps into the water.

Desmond (shocked at the cold): Oh man. It's freezing!
Lucy: Stop whining!
Desmond: It's easy for you to say! You're not the one swimming in medieval toxic waste! Ughh! (climbs out) I smell terrible.
Lucy: You're exaggerating.

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Desmond climbs up the scaffolding

Lucy: Remember, this is the time of your life.
Desmond: Yeah, yeah. How come you don't have to get wet?
Lucy: Because you're here.
Desmond: Charming.
Lucy: Aren't I?

They rappel up another pulley

Claudia's "ghost": Ezio! We are on the other side! Hurry!
Soldier's "ghost": Cazzo! (Fuck!)
Soldier's "ghost": Dio mi salve! (God save me!)
Desmond: Great. The bridge is out. We can't jump this.
Lucy: I have an idea, but I'll need your help. Stand on the edge and get ready.
Desmond: Ready.

Lucy runs at Desmond, who catapults her to the supports.

Lucy: Made it! Let me see...
Desmond: Oh, you go on ahead. I'll just stay here to die in the dark with the bats!
Lucy: Jump across.
Desmond: Nice work.
Lucy: The bats will be disappointed.
Desmond: For now.
Soldier's "ghost": Soldati! (Soldiers!) I have found an entrance.
Desmond: Strange. You would think that these stairs lead somewhere.
Lucy: But they don't.
Desmond: Oh, life is full of disappointments.

They come to a bridge sealed against the cave walls.

Lucy: I'll wait here.
Desmond: Good. Let me just go and get that bridge down for you.
Lucy: Uh, I did the last one.
Desmond: And I'm sure that will be your last one.
Lucy: Ha ha, very funny.
Desmond: Got it.
Lucy: Thank you, Desmond.

They come to another collapsed bridge.

Lucy: Now it's my turn to even the score.
Desmond: Thanks. It's a start.
Lucy: Do your magic.
Desmond: Up you go!
Lucy: Thanks. We make a good team. I can see the Sanctuary up ahead.

Entering the SanctuaryEdit

Desmond (seeing Ezio's ghost): Wow. He looks so...old. Ezio must have come back here long after the attack. But why?
Lucy: Desmond!
Desmond: Right. Let's get that door open.
Desmond (noticing the numbers and triangle): There's something here.
Shaun (muffled behind the door): Can you open the damn bookcase, Desmond?

Desmond pulls up the locks, bookcase opens, Shaun and Rebecca walk through

Rebecca: You guys did it!
Shaun: About bloody time! (notices triangle) What's that?
Desmond: Looks like something Ezio left behind. (activates Eagle Vision) There are numbers underneath it. 1419, 1420, 1421.
Lucy: Maybe you should lie down for a bit.
Desmond: Nah, its all right. I'm fine.
Rebecca: Whoa, they built this place to last. No signs of structural damage. No cell signal either. Let's get the Animus set up down there.
Lucy: All right, that's good. Shaun, hide the van in town, and make sure you aren't followed.
Shaun: What is that smell?!
Desmond: It's...my clothes.
Shaun: They smell like you swam through a sewer.
Desmond (playfully): It was Lucy's idea.

Lucy shoots Desmond a dirty look.

Rebecca: Wait a minute guys. We need power down here. There's a line nearby that I can hook into but the wattage is weak. (hands Desmond circuit breakers)
Shaun: Yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah. Anything else you two would like? You know, some caviar perhaps? Maybe you'd like me to knit you a lovely hat. No. Fine. (to Desmond) Follow me.

Desmond and Shaun go outside

Shaun: Right, look around Monteriggioni for circuit boxes. Rebecca's little doodads they'll reroute small amounts of electricity to the power line underneath the Villa. Don't ask me how they work, if I understood that, I wouldn't be the fellow hiding the van.

After powering at the SanctuaryEdit

Desmond: I'm back.
Lucy: Just in time. The sun's rising.
Rebecca: Yes! It's booted. We're good to go.
Shaun: Did you miss me? No? Anyone? Hello, am I speaking out loud? Hello? Workaholics.
Lucy: Let's get started.


Desmond: Do you have any clue about those numbers under the drawing?
Shaun: 1419, 1420, 1421. Maybe something to do with the Hundred Years War. Or wait... In 1419, Pope Martin V arrived in Florence, right? He left for Rome in 1420, and that was the same year Brunelleschi began building the Duomo. And in 1421... in 1421... Yeah, I'll have to do some more research I think.
Desmond: So, what do you think of Monteriggioni?
Shaun: This is not Monteriggioni. Monteriggioni existed during the Renaissance. Ask me how the town was in 1554 when it was seized by Florence and I'll tell you.
Desmond: Huh. I figured you'd like it nowadays. Seems not to have changed much.
Shaun: Exactly. History is the study of change. Change is life. When things become static, it means they're dead.

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Desmond: What are we going to do about Abstergo?
Lucy: Wait it out. As soon as we find the Apple, I get in contact with our other teams in Europe, but as far as Italy goes, we're on our own.
Shaun: It would be nice to have some help from above.
Lucy: Our top Assassins are busy gathering info about the Templar satellite launch. We've pinpointed several possible facilities in the U.S., China, and Russia, but there are no clear leads yet.
Desmond: What are the other teams doing?
Lucy: Combating Abstergo's search for Pieces of Eden. As far as I know, Abstergo has no clue about the Temples and Ezio's Apple. We might actually be ahead for once.


Desmond: You seem focused.
Rebecca: I've been busy patching new systems into Baby here. She's only gonna get better.
Shaun: Is Desmond going to be able to relive memories this time?
Rebecca: As a matter of fact, he will.
Desmond: You always been a tech geek?
Rebecca: Nah, I was into sports, but then I broke my leg and started playing with computers. Who knew that coding could be just as exhilarating as strapping on a board and dropping out of a helicopter?
Shaun: Just FYI, you might want to get your adrenal glands checked. You know, because that, that is not normal.

After entering the Animus.

Rebecca: As you may have noticed in the van, I made some improvements to the Animus and I've also patched in a new VR Training program. Here you can show off all those flashy moves you've picked up from your ancestors. Let me open one of the missions. (after finishing the mission) You can access more VR missions to the Animus Desktop. As you complete training sessions, I'll add additional challenges. To stop your subconscious from rejecting Ezio's later memories you'll gonna have to live them in order his genome recorded them. Highlight Sequence 2 for me, Desmond. Good, now select it and you'll gonna see the memories inside. Once you've unlocked the memory by accessing this menu you can relieve it as many times as you want.
Desmond: And what if there are memories I just want to forget?
Lucy: Desmond, this is very important. If you need to take a break, log out of the Animus. You can leave the machine whenever you like.
Desmond: I'm all set to go, don't worry.
Rebecca: One last thing: as you raise your synchronization by executing events the way Ezio lived them, you might even discover some repressed memories. Okay, let's get started. Select the first memory.
Shaun: Desmond, I've been looking about these gibberish five-digit codes from the end of Subject 16's files and I seem to discovered a remarkable coincidence. The codes correspond perfectly with coordinates inside the Animus. I've tagged the landmarks pinpointed by the coordinates with eye icons in the database. Now, odds are you won't find anything there, but well, who knows?

After Memory Sequence 2Edit


Desmond: You still managing the teams out in the field?
Shaun: No phone line. Rebecca's working on patching us into the network.
Desmond: So how does it feel, letting the lady do all the work?
Shaun (scoffs): She's no lady!
Rebecca: HEY!
Desmond: You think we're safe here?
Shaun: I'm more concerned about the other Assassins out there. If Abstergo stumbles onto information about the Temples, we could have a disaster on our hands.
Desmond: The only people alive who've heard of the Temples are in this room.
Shaun: For now, but who knows? Maybe they're listening to this conversation and you just gave everything away!
Desmond: You brought them up first.
Shaun: You are paranoid, Desmond.
Desmond: Ah, well played.


Desmond: Everything all right?
Lucy: I don't like being stuck underground with them out there looking for us.
Desmond: You're doing a great job. We're safe here.
Lucy: But for how long? Vidic won't give up. I know it.
Desmond: Neither will we.


Desmond: Why do we have to stay down here all day?
Rebecca: Abstergo's still looking for us. It'd be better if we never went out at all, but then, we'd run out of supplies.
Desmond: It's like being stuck in a cave during a rainstorm.
Rebecca: Well, knowing the Templars, monsoon season's about to arrive.
Desmond: You ever use the Animus?
Rebecca: Your ancestors have such interesting lives. I went in once. It was lame.
Shaun: Yeah, what were you? Must've been a spinster, probably.
Rebecca: Worse, a Prussian mercenary. I spent hours firing guns. BORING!
Shaun: Yeah, right. Guns are for sissies!

After Memory Sequence 3Edit


Desmond: Any news from the outside?
Lucy: Rebecca's patched in a phone line. The Templars are still guarding the border, and Vidic seems to be busy too.
Desmond: Doing what?
Lucy: From the look of things, he's using Animus data to train Abstergo operatives.
Desmond: Meaning?
Lucy: Abstergo's planning for a full on assault.
Desmond: Weren't you the only Assassin at Abstergo's Animus facility? How are you getting data from them?
Lucy: Some old passwords work, but I can't dig very far into the network.


Desmond: Any theories on that cipher Machiavelli handed me? Ezio, I mean.
Shaun: I can't decode it without the key. It's a one-time disposable pad.
Desmond: What's that?
Shaun: It's a cipher with a unique, disposable key. Imagine if someone used the first letter of every word in the Declaration of Independence to encipher something. Well, without the Declaration, you couldn't decrypt it.
Rebecca: I bet I could run it through the computer.
Shaun: There are some things even a computer can't do... like-like love, Rebecca. Like love.
Desmond: So, Shaun, any lions outside the pride?
Lucy: Who was that girl you were dating? Kate?
Shaun: Ah yeah, Kate. Katie, Katie, Katie, kitty-Kat-Kate. Charmed the pants right off her, I did.
Rebecca: Yeah right. I know for a fact you two didn't make it to second base.
Shaun: Oh, di- di- ...wait, what, what?
Rebecca: We had lunch!
Shaun: You... had lunch... with Kate?
Rebecca: Whatever, I got work to do.


Desmond: You ever killed anyone?
Rebecca: Hello to you too. I dated a guy who was an electronics engineer around the time the Assassins first contacted me.
Desmond: And?
Rebecca: Now I'm single.
Desmond: Are you kidding?!
Rebecca: Of course I'm kidding!! You think I would actually joke about someone I actually killed?! Death is only funny when it's not happening in front of you! I should know, and that's all I'm gonna say about it.
Desmond: I noticed you didn't patch the translation software.
Rebecca: Nah, it's still buggy. There's only an occasional glitch in the Italian, but if you hit any German or French, watch out.


(Desmond stares at Altaïr's statue)

Desmond: Hey, wassa matta you, Altaïr?
Rebecca: That's racist!
Desmond (insulted): You're racist!
Lucy: Really? This is what you guys are doing?
Desmond: Oh no, God forbid I take a break! I've only spent the past THREE FUCKING WEEKS inside that machine!
Lucy: No, no, you're right. Let's all screw around while the world falls to pieces!
Desmond: Hey, this isn't easy, you know!
Rebecca: Right, like we're all on vacation out here?
Lucy (fed up): ENOUGH! Look, everyone's under a lot of pressure, but we're the only ones who can stop Abstergo. So we need to keep it together.
Desmond: She's right. We need to be a "hive mind" here, people.
Shaun (sarcastically): Anybody up for some reconciliatory yoga? Anyone?
Lucy: Very funny, guys.

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After Memory Sequence 4Edit


Desmond: What happened to Caterina Sforza?
Shaun: She went back to Florence and petitioned unsuccessfully for the return of her lands. Then, she died of pneumonia.
Desmond: That's sad.
Shaun: That's life. Well, that's death technically, but you take my point.
Desmond: We ever going to visit the head Assassins? I heard about this meeting place when I was younger.
Shaun: Apparently, it exists. Though I'm not sure because I've never been.
Lucy: You'll get to see it once we have the Apple.
Shaun: Well, I expect amazing things. A private espresso bar for example.
Lucy: What a waste of money.
Shaun: You obviously aren't an espresso drinker.


Desmond: How's the power situation?
Rebecca: It's okay for now, but the power lines are from the stone age.
Shaun: Bloody third world country!
Rebecca: You're talking about Italy?
Shaun: No, Europe in general.
Rebecca: I didn't know England is a third world country.
Shaun: England is not in Europe actually, Rebecca. We tolerate Europe... You know, like a person tolerates herpes.
Desmond: How did you manage to create a copy of the Animus?
Rebecca: Oh, you know. Lucy sent me schematics.
Desmond: I thought she couldn't get anything out of Abstergo?
Rebecca: She had her ways. I improvised on the rest.
Desmond: Huh.


Desmond: We going to get any food in here?
Lucy: People who don't work, don't eat... I'm kidding! You knew I was kidding, right?
Shaun: Riiight. Smile and nod.
Lucy: Someone just volunteered to get the food.
Shaun: It was worth it.
Lucy: Sometimes I feel so disconnected from everything out there. Nearly a decade of my life gone, searching for those Pieces of Eden.
Desmond: Think how great you'll feel when we finally stop the Templars.
Lucy: I'm not sure it will ever end, Desmond. I can't do this forever.
Desmond: I can't buy it. The Lucy I know brought me here and taught me how to see. She would never give up.
Lucy: I guess I trained you well, huh?
Desmond: You did alright.


(When Desmond eats a hamburger)

Rebecca: Carnivore!
Shaun: Hypocrite! Did you know plants give off chemicals which attract predatory insects when they're attacked? Sounds pretty animal-like to me.
Rebecca: You know too much for your own good.
Shaun: That's what my priest used to say.

After Memory Sequence 7Edit


Desmond: Any good stories about Cesare?
Shaun: Are you kidding? He was notorious. Get this: in 1502, his top captains rebelled against him. He made concessions to all of them and they rejoined his army. Then, on New Year's Eve in 1503, he got them together inside a room in Sinigaglia. Everyone was arrested. Two were put back to back and strangled by Micheletto that very night. The rest were thrown into chains and... and killed a few weeks later.
Desmond: Wow.
Shaun: The amazing thing is that Cesare was so friendly during the months before, they never saw the trap coming. Machiavelli called him the master deceiver.
Desmond: So Cesare was pretty secretive.
Shaun: Yeah, he was yeah. Except, weirdly, when it came to sex. After his wedding, he sent a letter to the Pope explicitly describing the intercourse on his wedding night. According to the letter, Cesare and his French bride did the deed eight times.
Rebecca: Isn't that a Catholic thing?
Desmond: What?
Rebecca: You're supposed to send the Pope a letter about your wedding night. It lets the old guy live a little, you know?
Shaun: You know... that sounds quite plausible actually.


Desmond: That disrupted memory seems to be getting clearer.
Rebecca: It's amazing. The sequence is repairing itself, as if we're helping you work through psychological trauma.
Desmond: So I'm going to be more balanced person by the end of this?
Rebecca: Oh, I have no clue. But the idea's cool.
Shaun: Are you saying that because you feel guilty about frying his brain?
Rebecca: Shaun's on latrine duty!
Lucy: Deal.
Shaun: Ah, of course, you side with her. Communists.

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Desmond: How long do we have before the Templar satellite launch?
Lucy: It's October 8th, so that leaves us with... 74 days.
Desmond: Not much time.
Lucy: Think about all that you've been through in the last month. 74 days is a long time.
Desmond: We're getting closer to the Apple. I can feel it.
Lucy: If it were up to me, you'd take more breaks.
Desmond: Good thing the fate of the world doesn't rest on your shoulders.
Lucy: Hey, joke all you want but your mental health is a serious concern. It only takes a couple of months for most Animus users to exhibit extreme side effects and you've been in for prolonged stretches of time.
Desmond: I'll rest once we have the Apple.
Lucy: I was afraid you'd say that.

After Memory Sequence 9Edit

Desmond: We've got it. The Colosseum'.
Lucy: Let's go. We can be there before dawn.
Rebecca: Wait. There was something about that door. I don't think I saw a handle. Let me run an analysis.
Shaun: Great. So we need some kind of futuristic key?
Rebecca: It seems to open with a verbally triggered mechanism. I've never seen anything like it.
Lucy: You mean it needs a password?
Shaun: Try humming Beethoven's Fifth.

The power suddenly goes out.

Rebecca: Damn European power grid. Now we can't scan Ezio's memories to find the password.
Lucy: We have to find that password.
Rebecca: Ezio knows the answer. Problem is, he's dead.
Shaun: I can't believe we're stuck here.
Desmond: Hey. Maybe it has something to do with this.
Rebecca: The symbol matches the one on the door to the Vault.
Desmond: 1419, 1420, 1421.. What if they aren't dates?
Shaun: 1419, 1420-- Oh my God.
Desmond: What?
Shaun: God.
Rebecca: Tell us already!
Shaun: I am, I am. The Tetragrammaton. The 72 names of God. You see? They're all contained within three verses. Exodus 19 through 21. And get this, you'll like this, if you arrange the four Hebrew letters in God's name within an equilateral triangle, their numeric values add up to the same number: 72.
Rebecca: Are you absolutely sure about this?
Shaun: That's kind of why I'm saying it out Rebecca, yeah. But, I haven't got to the kicker yet. Construction on the Colosseum began in the year 72.
Rebecca: I think we have our password.
Lucy: Shaun, go get the van.

In the ColosseumEdit

Desmond: Deja vu.
Rebecca: I bet.
Lucy: Let's go.
Shaun: What about us? You might actually need a historian down there.
Lucy: Shaun's right. That tunnel should lead under Capitoline Hill. I'll help them find another entrance. Be careful, Desmond.
Rebecca: I'll drive.
Shaun: Ah, nice try. I've seen your car.

Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca leave, Desmond goes forward.

Desmond: Lucy, I'm making my way toward the entrance.
Lucy (through radio): Okay. Good.
Shaun (through radio): If you see any gladiators, my advice would be: leg it!
Desmond: I'll keep that in mind. I can't believe I'm actually going to hold the Apple.
Lucy (through radio): It's been a long time coming. You've earned it.
Desmond: I wonder if it will change things. Whether it can tip the scales in our favor.
Shaun (through radio): I'm sure it will. It has to.
Desmond: What do you think we'll find?
Lucy (through radio): Hopefully, a map to the Temples.
Shaun (through radio): The Apple's just going to give it to us, yeah? Or is that Elvis over there?
Desmond: Hey, maybe this time we'll be lucky. There's so much construction. This place is like a maze.
Shaun (through radio): The hypogeum housed the cages of the gladiators and the machines which raised them to the surface. The whole area you're in right now was originally covered by the arena.
Desmond: Good to know.
Lucy (through radio): Something's bothering me. Today's date is October 10th.
Desmond: So?
Lucy (through radio): Guess how many days there are until the Templar satellite launch?
Desmond: I have a feeling I know the answer: 72.
Lucy (through radio): Why is today so important? We're just picking up the Apple and leaving.
Desmond: It's the door code. Someone wants to make sure we get it right.
Lucy (through radio): Yeah, I guess.
Desmond: Okay, I'm back on familiar ground.

Desmond finds the hidden entrance, Juno appears.

Juno: We commit to this space the epilogue of our ending. Let it be found by he who is deemed worthy. Let it guide him. Let it shape his path forward. Let it save the world we leave behind.
Desmond: Who are you?
Lucy (through radio): What's going on, Desmond?
Desmond: Nothing.
Juno: In the beginning, we set our truths to parchment. To stone. To the memory of men. These proved impermanent things. Cleansed by fire. Cleansed by famine. Cleansed by flood. All the world is innocent once more. Innocent and ignorant.
Lucy (through radio): We've traced your position. I think I've found an entrance.

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Desmond: OK.

Inside Santa Maria AracoeliEdit

Desmond enters Santa Maria Aracoeli through secret entrance, Lucy, Shaun and Rebecca are waiting at the door.

Desmond: I'm coming.

Desmond unlocks the door.

Shaun: Took you long enough.
Desmond: What is this place?
Shaun: Santa Maria Aracoeli. See those columns along the aisles? They're lifted from Roman ruins. Now, supposedly, this church was built on top of the ancient Temple of Juno.
Rebecca: I like the ceiling.
Shaun: You like the ceiling. Oh well, you are a fascinating travelling companion.
Lucy: Where to now?

Desmond has a vision of Ezio climbing the altar.

Desmond: There's something up there.
Shaun: Oh well, we'll just stay down here shall we.. and just pray or something.

Desmond activates the switch, multiple poles move out of the ceiling.

Juno: We did not build them to be wise. And now they are our final, faulted hope. You are they. You possess the potential for understanding. But you broke our tools. Or turned them against one another. We have destroyed what we could. Sealed away what we could not. Most. Not all. And it does not take many to unwind the world. Here is a safe place. Eternal. To store objects. Words. Wisdom. But not life. Almost did we have the means. But time... time erodes us. We can distract him. We can see past him. Feint left when he strikes right. But his reach is so very long. His stamina unending. We cannot evade his grasp. Not forever.

Desmond activates another switch, a ladder comes out of wall.

Desmond: Something's opened. Here goes.

Desmond activates a switch on the platform, a pedestal comes out of floor.

Shaun: Hello. That wasn't in the blueprints.
Lucy: Desmond, get down here!
Desmond: On my way.
Shaun: Whatever this is, it doesn't do anything. It's a dead end.
Desmond: I'm not so sure--

Desmond moves his hand above the pedestal and activates a lift that take the Assassins underground.

Lucy: What's going on?!

Lift stops, entrance to Juno's Temple can be seen.

Shaun: Yeah, if you want to kill us mate, you're going have to try a little harder than that.
Lucy: We're here.
Desmond: Now, for that password. If Shaun's right, that is.
Shaun: I'm always right.
Desmond: About that dead end..
Shaun: That never happened. I was misquoted.

Assassins approach the door.

Desmond: Do you think it speaks English?
Rebecca: Just say it.
Desmond: Okay.. seventy-two.

Door opens.

Shaun: After you.. I think.
Desmond: You guys have to see this.
Lucy: This is amazing.
Rebecca: Wow.
Shaun: I'm actually impressed.
Lucy: The Apple seems to be in the center.
Desmond: Time to find out where those Temples are.

Desmond activates the pedestal, multiple platforms and beams come from the floor and walls.

Rebecca: Hey, Desmond. Those beams poking out of the wall look like switches. If you hit all of them, you might get some power to the central platform.
Shaun: Or you might cause this room to turn into an alien spaceship and fly away. Think about it!
Juno: A hundred years I might speak and still you would not know us. You with five senses. Us with six. The one we kept from you. To be safe. Now, you can never know. Only try. Grasp. You can SEE. SMELL. TASTE. TOUCH. HEAR. Knowledge has been blocked away. After, when the world became undone, we tried to pass it through the blood. Tried to join you with us. You see the blue shimmer. You hear the words. But you do not know. WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU AS YOU WERE. It is hard to stay contained. Knowing as we do. We wait for you, Desmond. You will come here. You will activate it. You will know only when it is too late.
Desmond: Do you hear any of that?
Lucy: Any of what, Desmond?

Desmond activates all switches, stairs to the central platform come out of the floor.

Desmond: We did it.
Lucy: I can't believe we're finally here.

Assassins approach the Apple of Eden.

Shaun: So where are the temples?
Desmond: You want me to ask it?
Lucy: Or think it or something.

The Apple activates and shows many different symbols around it.

Lucy: You sure you asked the right thing?
Shaun: I know this, I know this symbol. That's a Phrygian Cap. It stands for freedom.. and that, that's a Masonic eye. Now those two come together in only one place--

Desmond touches the Apple, it takes control of his body, other Assassins are frozen.

Desmond: What's happening? I can't move!
Juno: Your DNA communes with the Apple. You have activated it.
Desmond: Let me go!
Juno: On the 72nd day before the moment of awakening. You, birthed from our loins and the loins of our enemies. The end and the beginning, who we abhor and honor. The final journey commences. There is one who would accompany you through the gate. She lies not within our sight. The cross darkens the horizon.
Desmond: What are you doing?
Juno: The Path must be opened. You cannot escape your part in this. The scales shall be balanced.
Desmond: Stop. Please...
Juno: You know very little. We must guide you. Cease your struggle.
Desmond: No!

Desmond stabs Lucy in the stomach

Juno: It is done. The way lies all before you. Only she remains to be found. Awaken the sixth. Go. ALONE!

Desmond and Lucy fall on the ground. Credits start to roll, after few minutes a short conversation can be heard:

Voice: Shit! He's gone into shock!
William Miles: Put him back in the machine! It's the only way to fix this!
Voice: But the Animus did this to him!
William: Am I the expert or not? Do it!
Desmond: No...

Desmond then begins experiencing the memories of the Da Vinci Disappearance.

Desmond: What was that?
Voice: What's happening?
William: Ezio seems to be remebering something. Something from 1506.
Voice: Desmond's heart rate is increasing. I'm administering the sedative.
William: No. The missing data may be there. The Piece of Eden is useless until we have it. Let him continue.
Voice: Yes, William.

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Desmond finishes exploring the memories.

William: You can sedate Desmond now. We have the information we needed.
Voice: It's too late, the damage is done. He seems to have entered some kind of coma.
William: He'll find his way out. He always has in the past.
Voice: I've run the data through the computer, we have a location for the temple.
William: Then what are you waiting for? Let's go.

After completing The TruthEdit

Desmond: There's nothing here.
Rebecca: Strange. I'm seeing a massive amount of data.
Lucy: What does he mean "The miracle is in the execution?"
Shaun: I don’t know. Some kind of commentary on nihilism?
Desmond: He's playing with us.. unless--
Rebecca: ..it isn't a video! Hang on. Launch it yourself, when you're ready.

Desmond finds himself in a virtual maze. After some free-running, he finds Subject 16.

Animus voice: Compiling subsystems. Infrastucture. Tendons. Heart.
Subject 16: Voice.
Desmond: Subject 16?
Subject 16: [laughs] Yes, yes, Subject 17.
Desmond: You’re dead. I saw your blood!
Subject 16: No time. It is far later than you know. Too late to save them.
Desmond: Who?
Subject 16: She is not who you think she is. Everything you hope to become, everything you hold dear, it’s already gone.
Desmond: Explain. Please.
Subject 16: Eden. She... in Eden. Find Eve. The Key. Her DNA.
Desmond: Tell me!
Subject 16: I cannot... The sun... Your son... Too weak... Must replenish energy...
Desmond: Don’t go!
Subject 16: I am with you 'til the end. Find me, in the darkness.

Subject 16 disappears, and Desmond removes himself from the Animus.

Lucy: Desmond! You're safe. We thought we'd lost you.
Desmond: I'm here. I saw 16, I think. I don't know whether it actually happened. It feels like a dream.
Rebecca: Well, whatever it was, it's gone now. The Animus is behaving normally.
Lucy: Take a break before going back in there, okay?
Desmond (to Lucy): Sorry for frightening you.
Lucy: Don't worry about me.
Desmond: Okay.
Lucy: When you're ready, let's continue.

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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Animus IslandEdit

Rebecca: We can keep him like this for a few days, maybe a week.
William: Call ahead, tell them we're on our way.
Rebecca: As soon as we're clear. OK, I shut down the Animus monitoring system to free up a lot of memory, but even like this, it's still risky.
William: Desmond will be fine. The partition worked, the Animus is stable, and his signs are good.
Rebecca: For now. But this was built to recreate memories, not simulate entire cognitive processes.
William: The Animus will do its part, and Desmond will do the rest.

Clay: Just walked right past me.
Desmond: 16?
Clay: Aw, they didn't tell you my name?
Desmond: Oh God damn it, I'm still in the Animus?!
Clay: Quite a shock you've suffered out there.
Desmond: Rebecca! Get me out of here.
Clay: They can't help you Desmond. You're a broken man. Your mind, it's... broken.
Desmond: Broken? I feel fine.
Clay: [Teleports] So did I! [Laughs]
Desmond: Hey!
Clay: Look at me now! Let's talk buddy. Walk with me.
Desmond: What is this place?
Clay: It's nice isn't it? We're in the guts of the Animus, the original test program. No memories here, just basic physics, weather simulations, hello world! You're lucky someone up there had the sense to plug you in here. Saved your life.
Desmond: Saved it from what?
Clay: Right now you should be sitting in a hospital ward, drooling and chewing on your tongue! For now, the Animus is keeping you intact, keeping all your ancestors from collapsing into one big mess. But if you can't find a Sync Nexus, all those personalities will smash together. And that won't be pretty.
Desmond: A Sync Nexus?
Clay: I'm getting there, hold on. [Pointing to Sync Nexus] There, that thing, is your way out.
Desmond: You're screwing with me.
Clay: Here's the problem, your brain is hash - too many ghosts in your head, too many voices, so, how do you fix that? You claw your way back into the stored data, you find unfinished memories and you crack them open. Finish what you started - until your ancestor has nothing left to show you. That, is a Sync Nexus. Find it, and the Animus can separate Desmond from Ezio and Altaïr and send you home - back to your body.
Desmond: How do you know all this?
Clay: Because it happened to me. But my body, it's wormfood now. So I'm stuck here. A word of warning - when you step through there, everything changes. Nothing feels... normal. But you are still in control and it's up to you to find your way out.
Desmond: Right.
Clay: If you hurry, you might make it back in time for Lucy's funeral.
Desmond: What?
Clay: Oh. I thought you knew.
Desmond: Lucy...Oh God.... I'm so sorry. It wasn't me, it wasn't me, it was that voice! Juno! She took hold of me, she made me... what am I doing? What have I done?

Rebecca: It's Shaun. Shaun, what's going on?
William: Let me talk to him.
Rebecca: Did you...hold on, I'm putting you on speaker.
William: Shaun, it's William. Is everything taken care of?
Shaun: Oh, well, hello to you too. For Christ's sakes, man, have some class!
William: All right, calm down.
Shaun: Oh, that's rich, yeah. Lucy's dead and you want me to act like it's Easter Sunday, do you?! How's Desmond anyway, kipping in?
William: That's enough, Shaun!
Shaun: What if he's a Templar, Bill? Eh? What if he's been programmed?! It's happened before!
William: No. Not Desmond.
Shaun: Right. You would say that.
William: Shaun...

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After DNA sequence 1Edit

William: This Apple...it is a remarkable piece of work. Feel the material...hard as steel but very light.
Rebecca: You really want to be fooling with that thing?
William: I do. I absolutely do. I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on one of these.
Rebecca: Okay, you're making me nervous, Bill.
William: Don't be. I don't think I have the right genes to properly wield it.
Rebecca: Oh, but Desmond...you think he does?

Desmond: What the hell just happened?
Clay: You were snooping. Wandering outside the Desmond partition. So once the Animus located you, it pulled you back here. It's just following orders... like a failsafe program. Trying to keep your poor head intact, whether you like it or not.
Desmond: And what are you doing here exactly?
Clay: Playing. Learning. Waiting. A lot of waiting. I keep the Animus distracted as best I can. For you, so you can explore. Otherwise it might hunt you down like a little virus and ah... delete you.
Desmond: Well, my guardian angel.
Clay: There's no such thing. [Disappears]
Desmond: Yeah I-Thanks.

Rebecca: Shaun, it's me. What's happening?
Shaun: Are you at the airport?
Rebecca: Yeah, we're chartering a jet. Are you coming?
Shaun: Yes. Yeah, I'll be there soon.
Rebecca: Good.
Shaun: They...they buried her already.
Rebecca: I heard.
Shaun: In a little cemetary outside Rome. Nice place.
Rebecca: God, things got so fucked up so fast.
Shaun: Is Desmond still out?
Rebecca: Yeah. We're seeing a lot of brain activity, but with the monitoring system shut down, we can't record anything.
Shaun: Well, keep me posted, okay? I'll see you soon.

After DNA sequence 2Edit

Rebecca: I'm seeing very strange activity in the Animus.
William: Oh?
Rebecca: The CPU should be fairly idle. But the system monitor is spiking regularly. Sometimes as high as 85 percent.
William: Is it serious?
Rebecca: I'm not sure. Desmond's signs are stable.
William: Well, if there isn't a problem, let's not try to fix anything.
Rebecca: Fair enough. God, I need a drink.

Desmond: 16?
Clay: Desmond, think about this... What if, I went with you?
Desmond: With me? Where?
Clay: It could work. Just for a while. Until I found a way out. Another body maybe. Or... I don't know. I just don't... I don't want to be here anymore.
Desmond: That's... that's not going to happen. I'm sorry.
Clay: No... I guess I had my chance. And I wasted it.

William: Were they close, Desmond and Lucy? I mean...closer than friends?
Rebecca: Ah...Well, there was the occasional misty-eyed moment, but-
Shaun: She liked him, Bill. That's what she told me.
William: Hmm. Interesting.
Rebecca: That's it? Just...interesting?
William: I spent a lot of time training each of them when they were younger. She was a remarkable woman, and I find this whole situation...quite sad.
Shaun: Sad? Are you finally going soft on us, Bill?

After DNA sequence 6Edit

Shaun: You know something, don't you? You know what's out there.
William: I have a hunch, yes.
Shaun: Come on, Bill. You never do anything halfway. What do you think we'll find?
William: If we're lucky, another prize. If we're very lucky...something that'll end this miserable war.
Shaun: You're talking over my head, mate.
William: Listen, Shaun, I have no idea what we're going to find. But I do know that whatever it is, the Templars can't have it.

Clay: Do you regret anything Desmond?
Desmond: Like what?
Clay: Running away. Leaving your parents behind. Finding a shit job, and pretending to be productive. What's it like spending your whole life, avoiding hard decisions?
Desmond: Come on.
Clay: Sure, you're an Assassin, but it wasn't your choice.
Desmond: Do you have a point?
Clay: I want to know, if you regret anything.
Desmond: Sure. I wish I'd been more patient with my parents. I wish I'd listened. And Lucy... maybe things could have been different if I'd- I'm not sure.
Clay: Thank you.
Desmond: For what?
Clay: For making sense.

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Rebecca: Shaun, you feeling okay?
Shaun: Sure, yeah yeah... I'm fine yeah. We're Assassins, after all aren't we eh? Why should we be surprised if one of us dies every now and again?
Rebecca: Every death is a tragedy. To somebody, somewhere.
Shaun: What I want to know is... is Desmond worth all this trouble, you know? What is he... is he the chosen one, is that it? Little Jimmy Special or some bollocks like that?
William: I'm afraid not. But what he has is rare. His genes contain high concentrations of First Civilization DNA. Only about one in ten million are so lucky.
Rebecca: Ah. The bleeding effect. Is that part of it?
William: I believe so. I wish I could say we knew about his gift earlier. But it was the Templars who realized this. And they found him first...

Sync NexusEdit

Jupiter: Do you hear me, cipher? Can you see me? Ah. There you are. Good. A strange place, this nexus of time. I am not used to the... calculations. That has always been Minerva's domain.

I see you still have many questions. Who were we? What became of us? What do we desire of you? You will have your answers. Only listen and I will tell you how.

Both before the end and after, we sought to save the world. We built vaults within which to work, each dedicated to a different method of salvation. They were placed underground to avoid the war which raged above, and also as a precaution, should we fail in our efforts.

Each vault's knowledge was transmitted to a single place. It was our duty - mine, Minerva's, and Juno's - to sort and sample all that was collected.

We chose those solutions which held the most promise, and devoted ourselves to testing their merits. Six we tried in succession, each more encouraging than the last. But none worked. And then the world ended...

The Earth shook for days. The fires burned for weeks. And when the ash had settled, less than ten thousand of your kind still lived... and far fewer of ours. But we carried on, together. To rebuild. To renew.

Listen. You must go there. To the place where we labored... labored and lost. Take my words. Pass them from your head into your hands. That is how you will open the way.

But be warned: much still remains in flux. And I do not know how things will end - either in my time or yours.

After DNA Sequence 8Edit

Unknown: Bill! Good to see you. Listen, we've got a customs officer waiting to talk to everyone.
William: I hope you have something for us.
Unknown: Absolutely, passports and papers for everyone.
Shaun: Ah brilliant, so I'm... I'm what, a neurosurgeon now, am I?
Unknown: You're a medical team from SUNY upstate, just back from Rome with your patient, experimental gene therapy.
William: Good work, let's get this over with.
Rebecca: Wait look, this is crazy!
William: What's wrong?
Rebecca: Not sure, but Desmond's brain is lighting up like a string of firecrackers!
Clay: Here it comes...
Desmond: What is that?! What's going on!
Clay: This is the end Desmond. Scheduled for deletion! [Embraces Desmond]
Desmond: What are you doing?
Clay: What is a man but the sum of his memories? We are the stories we live! The tales we tell ourselves!
Desmond: Don't do this!
Clay: I'm saving you, idiot! GO! [Pushes Desmond] GO!

After DNA Sequence 9Edit

Rebecca: Wait, look! His vitals are stabilizing... Something's happening... He's... He's moving!
William: Desmond, can you hear me? Son?
Desmond: I know what we need to do.

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Animi Training ProgramEdit


Vidic: It is a privilege for each one of you to be invited up here.
Everyone in this room has proven themselves as more than mere killers. Your skill acquisition in the Animus thus far has been far superior to that of your colleagues, who, as I speak, continue to struggle down below us. But the test of your true worthy has barely begun.
You think you know of our Order. Of our founding in 1119, our quest for domination during the crusades. The vast treasure and the decline at the end of the 12th Century. And, finally, our resurgence as Abstergo.
You know nothing. It is time to begin your real education. As you continue your training in the Animus, those worthy will be admitted to the secrets of our Order. My assistant will monitor your progress. Once you exit this room there is no turning back. Succeed, and a bright future awaits, fail... and far more than your contract will be terminated.

​First Steps

Vidic: You served Abstergo well, and your skills in the Animus continue to impress. I do not use that term lightly. If you continue at this rate, it is a foregone conclusion that you will be the one to enter our inner chambers, and learn our most trusted secrets. Once you cross that threshold, your eyes will be opened and you will see this world for what it truly is. Don't muck this up. Abstergo is counting on you.


Vidic: Moving up through the ranks nicely I see. Exactly as predicted. My assistant's reports have been glowing, although I find he is a little bit of a panderer. Do not let his flattery fool you. We will only continue to educate you as long as you continue to show promise. Prove yourself, however, and we are prepared to give you far more.


Vidic: For the vast majority of humankind, life is an ordeal to be suffered. (the recruit chooses a watch from the box).
One painful failure after another, followed, mercifully, by death. (the recruit takes the champagne and enters the private jet).
Mortgages, car payments, waiting lists, bills. (the recruit walks through an airport).
Unknown woman: Right this way, sir.
Vidic: Most are kept far too busy to look at the big picture. But not you. From now on, you will be at the front of every list. Transportation, maids, cooks will all be provided. (the recruit enters a limousine and picks up a bottle of expensive wine).
Vacation homes, tranquility and privary will surround you. Your children will attend the best schools, and your parents will be cared for. (the recruit drives into a remote mansion in the countryside).
Any woman, or man, you desire will be yours. For most, life is an unwinnable game. (the recruit steps out of the limousine).
(Vidic steps out of the mansion, dressed in a suit). The Order of the Knight's Templar welcomes you. After all, we engineered it that way.


Vidic: I hope you are enjoying the new comforts we have granted you. Of course you know there is no backing out now. We have plans for you. An important part of this company's future. Truth is -
Intercom voice: Dr Vidic. You are wanted in the processing plant.
Vidic: Well... I suppose the truth will have to wait.

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Vidic: I see you have been busy while I was gone. Continue to increase in skill, and you may be invited to visit our inner offices. Be respectful, far more than your job is on the line. I have put in a request to have your security clearance raised, allowing us to share sensitive information with you. Something to look forward to... If you make it, of course.

​Active Agent

Vidic: Your training is almost complete. Allow me a rare moment of emotion, I feel proud of my accomplishment. Soon, you will become an active agent. Others have been sent to gather the intelligence required for your first mission as we speak. Conclude your training and the final briefing will occur upstairs. May the Father of Understanding guide you.

One of Them

(the recruit enters Abstergo's inner sactum).
Laetitia: Very few people ever see this room. It was first decorated in 1937, when we first founded the company. Laetitia England. Warren has told me so much about you. Quite impressive, reaching such a privileged position. The remants of the Assassin Order is scattered across the globe. The time has come to end this fight. And you will be on the front lines. It comes down to trust. We must be certain that ours is well placed.
Daniel: Don't move. (Daniel grabs the recruit and holds out an injection gun).
Laetitia: Daniel, I give the orders.
Daniel: Fine.
Laetitia: Thank you. Now, go on.
Daniel: There. (Implants the recruit with a microchip).
Laetitia: From this day forward we monitor your every move. Welcome to the fold Master Templar.

​Target Acquired

Vidic: You have all been brought here because our intelligence gathering has progressed rapidly in the last week.
Daniel: What have they found?
Vidic: Be patient Daniel. I have an announcement to make. We now know where the Assassin leader, William M., is located.
Laetitia: Brilliant work. We need to send a retrieval team.
Vidic: Well, what are you waiting for? Go get him.

Emil_assassin написал в 15:18, 09.06.2012 #7
shark005, спс за диалоги. У меня гугл автоматом на русский переводит)) Немного не ясно, но посмотрев оригинал, становится яснее.
Все смысловые, грамматические и пунктуационные ошибки, имеющие место в моих постах, допущены специально. Да-да, специально. ;)
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